Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dallas News Lies About Ron Paul Straw Poll Audience

The Dallas Morning News lied in an article published on August 11th about the number of people who listened to Ron Paul's "soap box" speech during the recent Iowa Straw Poll vote in Ames:

"When you're running for office, you campaign where the people are," said Ron Paul, the Houston-area congressman running as the only GOP contender deriding Iraq as a "quagmire." He drew about 20 people for his speech – modest compared with Mr. Romney, the Iowa front-runner who drew a couple of hundred people when his turn came Friday afternoon."

Watch this video from Ames, Iowa, and tell me if this looks like "about 20 people" to you:

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Romney's video isn't up yet for comparison purposes - but I expect it will be revealing.

The best thing is that this entire audience of some 14,000 people got treated to this, one of the best Ron Paul speeches, yet - especially the neocons who claim he is "weak on defense." (Watch what he says in the first part of his speech below).

And now,listen to the introduction he got from Laura Ingraham - a supposed "conservative":

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No bias there, is there?

Noooo! Not at all.


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