Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hannity disses Ron Paul victory in Fox post-debate poll

Fox News host Sean Hannity dismissed a text messaging poll from his own network after presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) scored a decisive victory among television viewers of Sunday's Republican debate.

"You've got your Ron Paul folks out there, so I'm not a big believer in that particular poll," said Hannity after the results were announced. The text voting showed Paul had edged his nearest competitor, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, by seven percentage points, and trounced Rudy Giuliani -- the leader in many national telephone polls -- by a margin of 23.

In a post-debate interview, Paul had pointed out to Hannity that his performance in polls such as Fox's might have something to do with what he calls a softening tone from leading Republican contenders, who he says aren't "nearly as militant" as they were some months ago. Paul is the only GOP candidate calling for the immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.

"So you think you've Ron Paulized them?" asked Hannity, referring to his own trademarked phrase, "Hannitized," which he uses to describe a successful political conversion.

"Well, they have to to listen to these polls, don't they?" said Paul of his primary rivals.

But Hannity laughed off the unscientific text poll. "You've got all your supporters," Hannity said, making a brushing-away motion with his hand.

"You mean your own poll isn't any good?" asked Paul.

"No," said Hannity. "It's just a lot of fun."

Staunch supporters on the internet have brought Rep. Paul strong showings in recent online polls, and the congressman was also cited earlier this month as the Republican candidate who has raised the most money among donors identified as affiliated with the military.

Asked earlier in the segment if he would rally behind the Republican nominee for president in the event he himself was not nominated, the famously Libertarian-leaning Paul would not pledge to automatically throw his support to someone from his party.

"I wouldn't ever give a blanket check for that," the candidate said, adding later that the notion would "undo everything I've stood for for 30 years." However, he did not rule out endorsing one of the Republican frontrunners.

The following video is from Fox's Hannity & Colmes, broadcast on October 21, 2007.


Ron Paul shamelessly disrespected by media trash

This mainstream media failure is hurting for attention, and it shows by the lack of professionalism. When these media failures want higher ratings, they do something stupid and immature as this. He has not invited Ron Paul to his show and I challenge him to prove Ron Paul denied an invite. Ron Paul has faced all opposition and stood victorious! From Rudy to Hannity, Ron Paul stood his ground.

The sad thing is, there are voters who listen to people like Glenn when trying to make a decision on a candidate...

Protect liberty from idiots like Glenn

Vote Ron Paul 2008!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

CNN host lays into truth movement in vicious [unprovoked] attack

Beck: 9/11 Truthers "Insane", "Dangerous Anarchists", "The Kind Of Group A Timothy McVeigh Would Come From"

CNN host Glen Beck viciously attacked the 9/11 truth movement last night on his Headline Prime show, describing the whole movement as "insane" and branding 9/11 activists as "dangerous anarchists".

Beck singled out 9/11 truthers in a segment in response to the infiltration of Real Time with Bill Maher by We Are Change protesters last week.

In a piece that we would normally associate with the "fair and balanced" Fox News, Beck featured two guests who BOTH argued against 9/11 truth, as well as throwing in his own two cents.

"These truthers are exactly the kind of people who want to rock this nation's foundation, tear us apart and plant the seeds of dissatisfaction in all of us" Beck huffed and puffed while introducing his yes men.

At one point Beck even suggested that the 9/11 truth movement is "the kind of group a Timothy McVeigh would come from", insinuating the movement is intent on violence

In response his guest, Michael Shermer, the founding member of "The Skeptics Society", a debunking body that is actually skeptical of nothing and just defends the official line on most subjects, ludicrously frothed "Yeah that's right, that's what makes it a little bit scary, somebody that would infiltrate a talk show like Bill Maher's show and then heckle him during the show, that's getting out there a little bit, that's not just posting things on the internet for fun to see what happens, but actually going down there to do something."

Watch it (Note: Try to ignore the remarks at the beginning of the video which was obviously posted by a neocon bootlicker):

In thousands of 9/11 protests over the course of the last six years, not one person has been arrested for violent conduct. To cart blanche suggest that the truth movement is dangerous, "a threat to children" and intent on violence is extremely inflammatory and indicates just how afraid of investigating and debating the facts people like Glen Beck actually are.

The core of the 9/11 truth movement is composed of highly educated and progressive individuals who are strictly opposed to violence and are intent on protecting a free and peaceful society which has been under dire threat ever since the attacks of 9/11 and the ensuing cover up.

Furthermore the movement represents the very antithesis of anarchism in that it is actively seeking to restore and protect our traditional form of government which has been usurped by an unaccountable cabal that continues to operate outside of Constitutional law and with little restraint using 9/11 as justification.

Naturally, Beck wheeled out the ever present James Meigs, whitewasher-in-chief at the military-industrial complex rag Popular Mechanics, which is owned by Hearst Publishing, the progenitor of the term "yellow journalism".

Meigs is of course exactly the right man to dismiss claims of a controlled demolition on 9/11 given that he has a background in being a movie critic. Meanwhile experts in controlled demolition are visibly shaken when shown videos of building 7 and told that it came down on 9/11.

Meigs' assertions have been thoroughly debunked, even by the bodies investigating the collapses of all three buildings. Meigs still regularly refers to the pancaking theory when describing the collapse of the twin towers, to explain how they collapsed without resistance, despite the fact that the theory was debunked by NIST itself after their study found that, "This type of assembly (the WTC steel) was capable of sustaining a large gravity load, without collapsing for a substantial period of time relative to the duration of the fires in any given location on September 11th."

It also violates the fundamental law of physics and the Law of Conservation of Momentum, as Professor Steven Jones outlines in his research paper.

Meigs also routinely fails to acknowledge the fact that NIST's own analysis of the WTC steel concluded that temperatures in the impact zone reached no hotter than 600 degrees, no where near hot enough to weaken the structure, according to the Final Report of the National Construction Safety Team on the Collapses of the World Trade Center Towers.

NIST admitted recently that it is STILL unable to provide an explanation for the total collapse of the twin towers, yet Mr Meigs seems assured, spending much of his time wailing about how truthers "do not fact check".

Meigs also maintains that building 7 was severely damaged and ultimately felled by fires caused by falling debris from the towers, even though there is no evidence supporting this and NIST has been left with the only option but to probe whether the building was demolished on purpose.

Beck and his guests also maintain that the WTC "buildings", thus including the one which was not hit by a plane, did not collapse from the bottom down. Anybody who watches the collapse of 7 can see that it falls from the bottom down, yet Beck and co. accuse others of ignoring the facts to fit their own agenda!

The three musketeers also fail to explain why first responders were told to evacuate the area because the building was going to be intentionally brought down, why police officers heard bombs tearing down the building and why a top security official who was stationed in WTC 7 witnessed bombs take out the lobby of the building before either WTC tower had collapsed.

Beck also bizarrely suggests that 12 percent of people polled believe that the government was involved in 9/11 when the actual numbers are much higher, with some polls suggesting around 80 percent

The only accurate statement Beck makes is in suggesting that the U.S. government, or factions within it, were not competent enough to pull off 9/11 without it being discovered and ending up all over prime time news. In this he is entirely correct, it is all over prime time news, as well as prime time entertainment such as the Bill Maher show.

Finally Beck asked his viewers to back him up on this one by voting in a poll ,strongvery fairly entitled Conspiracy Craziness: Anyone who believes our government could have successfully planned 9/11 is not only giving them too much credit, but they're also insane. Do you agree or disagree?

Lets take a look at the latest results:

It seems the majority can quite clearly see where Mr Beck is wrong.


Little taste of Russia:

Little Green Footballs removes Ron Paul from their GOP Poll for "gaming" reasons then "games" C&L's Poll

You can't make this stuff up. The righties were all in a huff over my Pete Stark post and yes–Charles Johnson, who attacked Jill Carroll after she was released from being kidnapped in Iraq called me a liar. I'll get to that in another post, but for now, let's look at the mindset that inhabits most authoritarian bloggers. Charlie was so upset about the vote on C&L's Pete Stark poll that he wrote this.

I've just started testing some new polling software and I understand what goes on during online polls. I'm doing them for fun. Charles Johnson was so mad at my poll that he had his zombies freep it, you know…his readers came over to game the vote totals to favor his position instead of C&Lers.

I've made screen grabs in case they scrub them. Here comes the comedy. Directly below his post that encourages his lunatic readers to "game" the C&L poll, he runs his own GOP/Debate poll and deletes Ron Paul out of it because…(drum roll please)…he didn't want Ron Paul supporters to game the results of his poll!…ROFLMAO. Now that's a twisted mindset.

His other embarrassing project, Pajamas Media took the similar stance against Ron Paul and deleted him from their polls too.

Pajamas Media removed both Kucinich and Paul from this week's straw poll and last week's. Their reasoning? The people voting for Ron Paul depressed the people voting for other candidates, and they weren't voting any more.

Reminds me of the Kremlin. Don't like someone? Delete them from the ballot. It's just sick and hypocritical. I wonder how the Ron Paul people feel about that? These Neo-con 24%ers just can't deal with the fact that there is plenty of anti-war sentiment in the GOP ranks.


Little Green Footballs? [lol] The name should tell you all you need to know about the mindset behind this garbage. This is America, and I seriously doubt these people realize what that means.

Do you?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Loose Change Final Cut Release Date Announced

Internet phenomenon to arrive November 11th, features all-new material and interviews

After many months of anticipation, a release date has finally been announced for Loose Change Final Cut, the pre-eminent 9/11 truth documentary. The film, which features all-new material and interviews, will hit the web on November 11th and be available on DVD shortly after.

The original Loose Change and Loose Change 2nd Edition have been viewed millions of times over the Internet, making it one of the most watched movies in history, but the Final Cut goes above and beyond, making it not simply the third in a trilogy but a completely new film with oodles of unseen footage, commentary, interviews and eyewitness testimony.

The film will first be available online as a digital media download at, and on November 11th, before orders will be taken for the DVD a week later and shipped out on November 26th.

Part of the revenue from the sales will be donated to 9/11 victim's charities such as The Feal Good Foundation and WTC Families for Proper Burial.

The film will not be subject to cinematic release, but many grassroots theatres are expected to pick up the movie from December onwards and the Loose Change team are encouraging activists to ask that their local theatre screen the documentary.

"Many of you have asked us about a mainstream theater release and are aware that we spent considerable time in Hollywood negotiating with different producers," reads the Loose Change press release. "After many weeks of consideration, we decided that a Hollywood release just isn't right for Loose Change. In order to access the normal "big movie" distribution channels, we would have to relinquish editorial control of the film. This just wasn't an option for us, as the integrity of our message is ultimately all that we have, and we feared that "the machine" would corrupt or squash our film and its movement."

"We have decided to challenge the traditional marketing channels and reinvent the way that films are distributed," it adds.

After a great deal of speculation about whether Charlie Sheen will narrate the movie, the actor decided to refrain from doing so in order to concentrate on his grueling work schedule and his well publicized family issues.

When this was first mooted several months ago, The New York Post, Fox News and others attempted to spin this decision and claim that Sheen had recanted and completely backed away from the 9/11 truth movement.

In reality, Sheen had done nothing of the sort, and immediately issued a statement re-affirming his commitment to 9/11 truth, resolving that his "Views and convictions regarding the events of 9/11 have not wavered."

Loose Change Final Cut will feature new and exclusive interviews with firefighters, EMT's, first responders and other officials who were all eyewitnesses to multiple secondary explosions in the twin towers and around the ground zero area.

Most notably, Housing Authority worker Barry Jennings speaks for the first time on camera about how he discovered the bomb damaged lobby of WTC Building 7 before either of the twin towers had even collapsed.

The release of Final Cut will no doubt be met with a fresh offensive of Neo-Con attack propaganda and attempted debunking, but with polls showing an increasing amount of people having grave concerns about the official 9/11 story, its arrival will herald a new leap forward for the 9/11 truth movement and signify the next step in educating the world about what really happened on September 11, 2001.



Busted: 9/11 News Bias

A YouTube video called "Employees Expose FOX NEWS Distortions" contains an interesting internal memo from Fox News headquarters. The memo, dated March 23, 2004, says:

"The so-called 9/11 Commission has already been meeting. In fact, this is its eighth session. The fact that former Clinton and both former and current Bush administration officials are testifying gives it a certain tension, but this is not 'what did he know and when did he know it' stuff. Don't turn this into Watergate"

A screenshot of the memo (from 5:25 into the video) is below.

It is clear (especially within the context of the other memos presented in the video) that Fox headquarters was essentially instructing its reporters to stay away from reporting anything controversial about 9/11. The memo constitutes evidence that Fox reporters were ordered not to mention that:

(1) It was obvious that the administration knew more than enough to stop the 9/11 attacks (that is -- in the words of the Watergate prosecutors -- Bush and Cheney knew a lot, and they knew it before the attacks started)

(2) The Commission wanted to interview Bush and Cheney, but they would only testify if they could be interviewed jointly, and if they were not under oath

(3) The investigation of 9/11 was important, because the government's story made no sense

While you might think that Fox News is an especially-biased news source, this is really just business as usual in terms of media coverage of 9/11.


There's your "Fair & Balanced"... All fabricated.

The Bill Maher Real Time Meltdown – Comments from a Long Time Bill Maher Fan

Bill Maher has been the white shining knight for the anti-war movement for years now, when he was canned from network TV, and eventually found a place on HBO.  He's weekly insulted viciously those on the right who disagreed with him.  I personally actually was a fan of Bill's standup long before, back when he was the fashion photographer on an episode of Roseanne.

About a year ago, a right wing pundit was on Real Time, and made a statement that actually resonated with me. I remember it so well, because I rarely agree with right wing pundits.  He made the point that when Bill Maher caustically insults those who have a spiritual faith, and makes fun of all people living in the heartland of America . . . he drives people away from opening their minds to the issues he purports to care about.

This got the wheels turning back to the 60's and early 70's when it was discovered that the FBI had planted hippy-looking undercover agents to kick the cops in the shins, and urge otherwise peaceful normal protesters to violent actions.  The goal – to discredit the anti-war movement by turning Americans against the protesters.

William Colby, a former Director of the CIA once revealed, "The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media."  Remember, before you roll your eyes and think "conspiracy theory," that it was a former Director of the CIA who said that, not a mumbling homeless person.  That would like make his statement a FACT, rather than a theory. On this week's "Real Time," when 9/11 truth activists stood up to shout questions about the mysterious collapse of World Trade Center 7 on 9/11, Bill Maher had an emotional meltdown and a Gestapo-moment, when he urged his security to "kick their ass," including kicking the ass of a woman who stood and said that Maher's action against a man who was only asking questions was cowardice. In fact, Maher seemed to want to physically participate in kicking the woman's ass. The scene was bizarre as Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee sat placidly watching her host demanding a physical beating for people asking questions, and she only said, "I won't mention the 1st amendment." It was an eerie echo of when we all watched John Kerry a few weeks ago, going on with his speech, as a questioner was mercilessly tasered in front of him . . . for asking questions.

This Bill Maher twilight zone episode only got weirder, when Chris Matthews, with a feigned childlike innocence inquired, gee whiz "what issue are they raising?"   I have personally emailed Chris Matthews massive information regarding questions around 9/11 and the collapse of the WTC's.  Friends of mine have passed him packets at public appearances.  Thousands, if not tens of thousands, of other people have emailed his show with information on physicist Steven Jones, David Ray Griffin, and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, research that causes rational people to wonder "why did WTC Building 7 come down?"  In other words, MSNBC's Chris Matthews feigned innocence of not understanding what all the fuss is about . . . was a lie.  He was lying to you, when he put on that act. Now, back to Bill Maher's bizarre Gestapo moment on his show. 

If Bill disbelieves those who feel that 9/11 has not been fully investigated, and that the official story defies physics, he could simply have them on his show and debate them.  I mean he does allow rightwing Christian pundits on, and he treats them personally with a modicum of respect, even while caustically attacking the millions they represent.  He could have done the same with 9/11 truth.  But, he didn't. What he did was act like a fascist, by threateningbodily harm and being seemingly eager to participate in it . . . and why?  Because someone wanted to know why a 47 story building mysteriously collapsed on 9/11/2001 in a way that has never been explained in a rational way.  Nearly 200 professional architects and engineers, at "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth", have begun demanding answers.  Men and women who've courageously put their careers on the line for truth.  They've joined many high level military and intelligence experts who now are convinced that the official 9/11 myth was a lie, and have been quoted at  One must wonder, why Bill Maher doesn't interview any of the below people he calls "nutcases", and challenge them on their facts.  If they are so insane, Bill should be able to take them apart, and make a fun show out of doing so.

Richard Gage, AIA, Architect – Member, American Institute of Architects.  A practicing Architect for 20 years who has worked on most types of building construction including numerous fire-proofed steel-framed buildings.  Founding member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Speech at Sonoma State University 4/20/07: "Another 2006 poll by Scripps Howard, Ohio University, which found that a shocking 16% believe that the World Trade Center's Twin Towers were brought down by explosives.  Unfortunately, my research has also concluded that this is true.  Tonight I will present to you the very clear evidence that all three World Trade Center high-rise buildings, the Twin Towers and Building 7 were destroyed not by fire as our government has told us, but by controlled demolition with explosives."

H. Theodore Elden, Jr., B.Arch – Practicing registered architect in West Virginia for over 25 years.  Now retired.  Graduate of Carnegie Mellon University.  Member, American Institute of Architects, West Virginia Chapter.  Appointed Member of West Virginia State Board of Architects.  Former Member, National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), and Member, National Committee, Intern Development Program for Architects (IDP).  Professional photographer. 

Letter to American Institute of Architects 11/26/06: "The primary duty of registered professionals is to protect the public safety.  Professionals' intelligence, knowledge and experience provide a delicate connection between science and fact. ...

9-11 was a tragic event for our country, quickly "solved" by our government and propagated by our media, leading our country into fear, anguish, anger, war and unrestrained spending.

Have we, as building professionals, been hoodwinked?  Who should better understand the collapse of the World Trade Towers than those in our profession, possibly with the consultation of demolition experts?

As I and millions have reviewed the events of that day, it seems much of the cover story is not true and impossible.  As the nation is confused on the reality of that day, have we been making bad decisions ever since?

My web site collects salient information that isolates the demise of the World Trade Towers – linking  many experienced, dedicated and articulate technical analysis that show clearly that the World Trade Towers were destroyed by internal explosives and not "fires from the airlines". ...

After hundreds of hours of research, and thousands of dollars purchasing materials and information, this letter outlines my most salient, articulate examples of things that architects should investigate.  If I err slightly in any single item, that does not discount this letter.  On the contrary, even if only part of these accusations are true, they should be investigated."

Col. Ronald D. Ray, U.S. Marine Corps (ret) – Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense during the Reagan Administration and a highly decorated Vietnam veteran (two Silver Stars, a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart).  Appointed by President George H.W. Bush to serve on the American Battle Monuments Commission (1990 - 1994), and on the 1992 Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces.  Military Historian and Deputy Director of Field Operations for the U.S. Marine Corps Historical Center, Washington, D.C. 1990 - 1994.

Article 7/10/06: "The former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense under the Reagan Administration and a highly decorated Vietnam veteran and Colonel has gone on the record to voice his doubts about the official story of 9/11 - calling it 'the dog that doesn't hunt.'  'I'm astounded that the conspiracy theory advanced by the administration could in fact be true and the evidence does not seem to suggest that's accurate,' he said."

Col. Robert Bowman, PhD, U.S. Air Force (ret) – Director of Advanced Space Programs Development under Presidents Ford and Carter.  U.S. Air Force fighter pilot with over 100 combat missions. (PhD in Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering, Cal Tech).   Former Head of the Department of Aeronautical Engineering and Assistant Dean at the U.S. Air Force Institute of Technology.  22-year Air Force career.  Also taught Mathematics and English at the University of Southern California, the University of Maryland, and Phillips University.

Video 9/11/04: "A lot of these pieces of information, taken together, prove that the official story, the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 is a bunch of hogwash.  It's impossible. ... There's a second group of facts having to do with the cover up. ... Taken together these things prove that high levels of our government don't want us to know what happened and who's responsible....

Who gained from 9/11?  Who covered up crucial information about 9/11?  And who put out the patently false stories about 9/11 in the first place?  When you take those three things together, I think the case is pretty clear that it's highly placed individuals in the administration with all roads passing through Dick Cheney.

I think the very kindest thing that we can say about George W. Bush and all the people in the U.S. Government that have been involved in this massive cover-up, the very kindest thing we can say is that they were aware of impending attacks and let them happen.  Now some people will say that's much too kind, however even that is high treason and conspiracy to commit murder."

William Rodriguez – WTC survivor.  An American Building Maintenance employee for twenty years, responsible for inspection and maintenance at the World Trade Center, who held the master key for the stairs. He was the last person to leave the building on September 11 and has been credited with saving many lives.  For his efforts, he received the National Hero Award from the Senate of Puerto Rico.  Founder, Hispanic Victims Group.

Article 6/24/05: Regarding an explosion in the sub-basement of the World Trade Center North Tower on 9/11, prior to any airplane impact. "When I heard the sound of the explosion, the floor beneath my feet vibrated, the walls started cracking and it everything started shaking," said Rodriguez, who was huddled together with at least 14 other people in the office. ... [Editor's note: At this point, Mr. Rodriguez was in sub-basement B1 of the North Tower, approximately 1,100 feet below the airplane's impact point at floors 93 to 98.]

"Seconds after the first massive explosion below in the basement still rattled the floor, I hear another explosion from way above," said Rodriguez.  "Although I was unaware at the time, this was the airplane hitting the tower, it occurred moments after the first explosion."

But before Rodriguez had time to think, co-worker Felipe David stormed into the basement office with severe burns on his face and arms, screaming for help and yelling "explosion! explosion! explosion!"

David had been in front of a nearby freight elevator on sub-level 1 about 400 feet from the office when fire burst out of the elevator shaft, causing his injuries.

"He was burned terribly," said Rodriguez. "The skin was hanging off his hands and arms. His injuries couldn't have come from the airplane above, but only from a massive explosion below. I don't care what the government says, what scientists say. I saw a man burned terribly from a fire that was caused from an explosion below.

"I know there were explosives placed below the trade center. I helped a man to safety who is living proof, living proof the government story is a lie and a cover-up. ...

"I disagree 100%with the government story," said Rodriguez. "I met with the 9/11 Commission behind closed doors and they essentially discounted everything I said regarding the use of explosives to bring down the north tower.

"And I contacted NIST previously four times without a response. Finally, this week I asked them before they came up with their conclusion that jet fuel brought down the towers, if they ever considered my statements or the statements of any of the other survivors who heard the explosions. They just stared at me with blank faces and didn't have any answers."

Bob McIlvaine – Father of Robert McIlvaine, Assistant Vice President, Merrill Lynch, WTC North Tower, 106th floor.  Former school teacher.

Interview by Evan Solomon, CBC News 8/30/06:

Bob McIlvaine:  I believe 100% that the U.S. orchestrated 9/11 with the help of other agencies around the world.  But my blame goes to the United States because it happened in the U.S.  There's people within the U.S. that knew it happened, that planned this to happen. ...

Evan Solomon:  You believe there are people inside the U.S. at high levels of government that were involved in orchestrating 9/11?

Bob McIlvaine:  Absolutely. I'm 100% sure.

Evan Solomon:  Not just let something happen, not just let their guard down but were part of the planning?

Bob McIlvaine:  No. Part of the planning.

Evan Solomon:  You think your son was therefore murdered by Americans?

Bob McIlvaine:  Absolutely. ...

Evan Solomon:  Do you want another investigation?

Bob McIlvaine:  Of course I want another investigation. 

Why is this an important issue to them?  Because America was turned upside down on 9/11. After 9/11 we became a "torture state," "a militarist state," "a state that unleashed a massive network to spy on its own citizens," and a "warring state," attacking nations that had not even attacked us, and taking ove their oil. When war and conquest occur in our name, it is incumbent upon us to know that the reason for it occurring is correct and true.  The entire and profound future of America and everything it stands for turned on the events of 9/11. Why did WTC 7 fall? If it was a controlled demolition, then we need to know how WTC security could have allowed those charges to be set.  We have to question the people in charge of Securecom, the WTC security company. We need to question people at the top of that company who sat on its board, people like GW Bush's brother, and GW Bush's cousin.  We need to ask them why the bomb sniffing dogs were called off in the days before 9/11. The future of a nation and world ride on knowing the truth. Or we could follow Bill Maher's manic advice to drag out and kick the ass of anyone who questions 9/11.

Personally, I can't stomach watching Bill Maher any more. It's not because of Bill Maher, but it's because of the people sitting in his audience who cheered on the ass kicking of people asking important questions.  These people worshipped Bill Maher, whereas I worship the truth, and when Bill Maher was producing some, I liked watching him.  When Bill Maher suppresses truth, he loses his appeal. Its about truth. I'm beginning to understand why the right fears the "left," if their concerns and positions are going to be handled with such fascist fervor. On a social level, I agree with Bill Maher and his audiences positions on gay rights, anti-war, environment, etc. But, I can't stomach watching them, now that I've seen they can be just as hob-nail-booted as the right they despise. It was a sad day for the left in America.

As I said, I'm a fan of truth.  I don't worship media personalities.  I outgrew that when I saw Blue Oyster Cult in business suits before a concert when I was 16 years old.  Bill Maher's audience is much older, but they seem to have never understood that the persona projected by someone like Maher is just that. People let him have the mic, perhaps with agreements and limits of discussion pre-arranged and mutually agreed to.  The future of our nation is not a team sport, and when we are split by "Democrats vs. Republicans" so visciously we all lose.  This dual paradigm keeps us arguing over "flag burning" and side issues, while our nation is led to war based on a 9/11 myth that has never been proven, only stated over and over and over again by corporate media.

Although the good book  is one those on the right often abuse and misuse to promote division and hatred, its still a pretty good book if you look at what Jesus had to say,  "Watch out for false prophets.  They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.  By their fruit you will recognize them." -- Jesus; Matthew 7:15-20

When Bill Maher stridently marched down the aisle on his HBO show, urging security to "kick the ass" of both men and women, who's only crime was to demand answers to questions we should all be asking, I think we caught a glimpse of his fruits.  When we saw his audience of the so-called left acting like brown-shirts, we should all take pause in our acceptance of the right/left paradigm corporate media has cultivated like a garden.

We, conservative, liberal, black, white, rich, poor, are all Americans.  We are all being denied some important truth regarding 9/11.  It is being denied just as viciously by too much of the so called left media, as it is by FOX News, and their radio minions.  Truth and the search for it, rises above politics.  The truth about 9/11 is something we all need equally, if our nation is going to progress based on a firm foundation.  If we go forward based on a foundation of lies, everything we do in the future will turn to rot.  It is the nature of the universe.



Maher 9/11 Truth Infiltration: Cops Arrived And Ordered We Are Change Activists Be Released

LAPD confused, admitted activists had done nothing wrong

Alex Jones was joined on air yesterday by We Are Change LA 9/11 truth activists Katie Kurtzman Bruno Bruhwiler to discuss their infiltration of Bill Maher's HBO show last Friday night.

The two activists, along with seven others, managed to get into Real Time with Bill Maher, at CBS studios with signs and banners, as well as 9/11 "truth dollars" advertising activist websites.

Maher was talking science during a round table panel discussion when the first protester named Randy stood up, held up his smuggled-in sign reading '9/11 is a cover up fraud' and shouted comments to the same effect.

Protests have been ongoing outside CBS studios for the last few weeks after Maher took a digg at 9/11 truthers in a segment on his show entitled "New Rules".

"Crazy people who still think the government brought down the Twin Towers in a controlled explosion have to stop pretending that I'm the one who's being naive," Maher stated. "How big a lunatic do you have to be to watch two giant airliners packed with jet fuel slam into buildings on live TV, igniting a massive inferno that burned for two hours, and then think 'Well, if you believe that was the cause…' Stop asking me to raise this ridiculous topic on the show and start asking your doctor if Paxil is right for you."

However the infiltration of Maher's audience by the LA group made certain that nationwide attention was cast onto the issue as live TV was brought to a stand still.

The group also maximized their time by cleverly spreading themselves around the audience so when one activist was seized and removed, another would stand up and begin protesting.

Watch video of the incident:

Speaking on the Alex Jones show yesterday Katie Kurtzman described the experience as "empowering".

"Definitely, I was a little afraid when I got into the room but when I was doing it I felt no fear at all." Kurtzman commented.

Bruno Bruhwiler described the moment that his fellow member of We Are Change LA was thrown to the ground, roughed up and hauled out by security:

"Randy got quite a few statements in and he was nervous and he admits that but he was really powerful and he broke the ice for the rest of us for sure.

"As they were dragging him out, they had five to eight people grabbing him and dragging him out, they handcuffed him and took him up to a room and put him face down on the floor

"The police arrived and said 'take those handcuffs off' and then they asked what happened and Randy said 'there was a comedian on stage and I heckled him' and the police agreed he had done nothing wrong"

Listen to the entire interview from yesterday's show here.

Bruhwiler and Kurtzman were previously involved in the creation of a short youtube clip to counter Maher's comments.

"New rule: buildings do not collapse into the path of most resistance at anything close to freefall speed," Kurtzman counters on video, referring to claims by some that only a controlled demolition would allow for such a fast collapse by the Twin Towers. "Go back to kindergarten and play with blocks until you figure that out," she tells Maher, aping the host's finger-wagging delivery.

Kurtzman also raised questions about the collapse of the World Trade Center's building seven, which fell despite not being struck by a plane.

"Two airplanes can't slam into two buildings and knock down three," she says, punctuating the point by flipping Maher off.

Watch the entire clip:

The clip immediately went viral, however the latest action from the CBS studios has now been viewed by over ten times more people and shot to the number one viewed video on youtube over the weekend with hundreds of thousands of views.

"It was upsetting because he was dissing the 9/11 Truthers, but he wasn't having any on his show," Bruhwiler commented. "Which is odd, because it's a debate show."

Maher's attempts to denigrate the issue of 9/11 truth and demonize activists, many of whom are supported by firefighters and first responders, has most certainly backfired. How ironic that in his vitriolic announcement that the issue should be dropped Maher has succeeded in fixing a more intense spotlight onto 9/11 truth.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Death Cab For Cutie Guitarist Baffled By Homeland Security’s Seizure Of His Album

When Death Cab for Cutie guitarist/producer Chris Walla woke up on Monday, his "To Do" list probably read something like this:

1. Call MTV News to discuss upcoming, long-delayed solo record.
2. Call U.S. Department of Homeland Security to discuss seizure of hard drive containing said long-delayed solo record.
3. Head into town for weekly tuque fitting.

Yes, it seems that recently, Walla's solo record (which has been scheduled to come out at various points over the past, well, four years) took another step toward oblivion when the master hard drive — containing all song files — was confiscated by Homeland Security at the Canadian border, for reasons not abundantly clear, and sent to the department's computer-forensics division for further inspection.

If it sounds like a huge joke, Walla ensures you it isn't.

"It's a true story. Barsuk [Records, which is putting out the record] had hired a courier — who does international stuff all the time and who they had used before — to bring [the album] back from Canada, where I was working on it. And he got to the border and he had all his paperwork and it was all cool, only they turned him away, and they confiscated the drive and gave it to the computer-forensics division of our Homeland Security-type people," sighed Walla, who has produced nearly all Death Cab's output, as well as records by the Decemberists, Hot Hot Heat, Nada Surf, Tegan and Sara and others. "And now I couldn't even venture a guess as to where it is, or what it's doing there. I mean, I can't just call their customer-service center and ask about my drive. There's nothing I can do. I don't know if we can hire an attorney ... is there a black-hole attorney? You can't take a black hole to court."

And though his song files might have disappeared into a web of government bureaucracy, Walla does still have the tapes containing all his songs, which he's now trying to master and mix on his own in order to have the record out — Lord willin' — in January.

"Luckily, the tapes are Plan B, so while I'm bummed about the whole thing, it could be a whole lot worse," he laughed. "I still get to play music. I mean, I'm not at Guantánamo or anything like that. I mean, my drive might be. They could be water-boarding my drive for all I know."

And though Walla's laughing when he mentions Guantánamo, he's not joking when he adds that his record — which he's calling Field Manual — is "very political," packed with songs about issues both foreign ("The Score" tackles the war in Iraq) and domestic ("Everyone Needs a Home" deals with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina; "Sing Again" is about so-called "morning after" pills and whether they're a form of contraception or abortion). Easy listening, this is not.

"I'm calling it Field Manual because myself and the guy who designed the packaging were looking through all these Army field guides from World War II. And there was one that he found that was really terrifying, actually," Walla explained. "It was basically a manual issued by the Army in the late '30s, early '40s, about how to build what we now call an [improvised explosive device] in Iraq or Afghanistan. Like how to hide a bomb in a bed or in a tube of toothpaste. Just terrible stuff, and I started having this feeling of, like, 'Well, we need a new field manual.'

"And while it really is a political record, it's also intensely personal, and it's not like, political in a way where I hope to change anyone's mind, because I've been doing my political-rock homework for a few years now, trying to decode what works and what doesn't," he continued. "Basically, it was my hope that I would be able to write a bunch of songs about the sh-- that I think about pretty much every day. But there aren't any character assassinations or indictments on the record. It's tricky to write a political record. It was tough to get to a place where I felt comfortable with the words coming out of my mouth."

And getting to that place has taken awhile. Walla said that though he's been writing songs for years, it took him a long time to figure out just what he was trying to say. As it turns out, he had plenty to say, and Field Manual is the sound of him coming to that realization (he credits the directness of Ted Leo, Against Me! and the Thermals' Hutch Harris as "touchstones" for that discovery). And while he hustles to finish the record — and continue work on Death Cab for Cutie's new record, which he said is "coming along super heavy ... we've got six songs done. They're really bloody" — he's finally prepared to stand on his own, come hell or high water. Or looming, shadow-like government organizations.

"This is a solo record, which is a little bit scary, because there's a feeling of 'Oh, you're officially making a statement,' and you're either the fist-waving left or the flag-waving right, and there's no in between," he laughed. "But I made this record because it felt irresponsible for me to have a platform for what I'm thinking and not use it. And not just to do political songs. If all I wanted to do was cover Air Supply songs, I could've done that too."



Establishment Media Finally Admits Ron Paul Is Top Tier Candidate; Could Win Nomination

Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul has broken through to the top tier of Republican candidates running for president. He knows it, GOP voters know it, and as previously reported; media outlets are grudgingly admitting it.

Ron Paul commented on the issue in a message to supporters, "The blackout is ending; our campaign is starting to get mainstream media attention, thanks to growing donations and volunteers."

Ron Paul continued in his message to supporters:

"All over America, our support is wide and deep and growing, and young people are joining like never before. After the Dearborn debate, I went to the University of Michigan for a rally. 2,000 students turned out, something that has happened to no other candidate this year."

It is a remarkable fact that Ron Paul has consistently drawn crowds all across the country that continuously seem to dwarf those of his opponents. Given the scant media coverage Paul has received it is a testament that his message is resonating.

The Republican Party appears to be recognizing that Ron Paul has a chance of winning the nomination. Paul said to supporters:

"After all the aggressive wars, the assaults on our privacy and civil liberties, the oppressive taxation, and the crazed spending and deficits, I believe that many Republican voters are ready to return to our roots. And the big boys feel it too.It is no coincidence that the Republican National Committee invited me to a fundraising dinner involving only top-tier candidates."

Commenting on Alan Greenspan's recent interview on the Fox Business Channel Paul said:

" the reporter asked if we really needed a central bank. Greenspan looked stunned, and then said that was a good question; he actually talked about fiat money vs. a gold standard. Now, the ex-Fed chairman is not about to endorse our sound monetary policy, but you know our Revolution is working when such a question is asked in the mainstream media, and this powerful man gives such an answer."

He continued on about the crowd of 2000 at his campaign's Dearborn rally:

"They cheered all our ideas, but especially our opposition to the Federal Reserve, and our support for real money of gold and silver, as the Constitution mandates, instead of prosperity-wrecking fiat money. American politics hasn't seen anything like this in many decades. It is truly revolutionary".

Ron Paul's campaign does not appear to be willing to sit in the background of the presidential race any longer and made that very clear Wednesday during a press conference. Paul's campaign pointed out that only four candidates remain viable at this time in the Republican field.

Paul's campaign highlighted that according to the financial reports, the indication is that the only viable candidates where Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, and Ron Paul. Mitt Romney's campaign is viable as long as he continues to spend his personal wealth.

Ron Paul's campaign may do many things in this election but it has already made media polls irrelevant suggesting them to be an outdated obsolete method of rating candidates. If the polls were accurate Dr. Paul should not be in third place in the GOP money race.

The cable networks have been giving a disproportionate amount of time in televised debates to what they believed to be the top tier of candidates (Giuliani, Romney, Thompson, and McCain).

Expect a reshuffling of that order, replacing McCain with Paul during the Fox News debate in Orlando Florida this Sunday, or viewers may see a flashback to the famous Ronald Reagan line from a presidential debate, when he said, "I'm paying for this microphone" but instead, Paul might say, "the American people have paid for this microphone".



CNBC learns not to ’mess with’ Ron Paul, followers

CNBC Washington correspondent John Harwood asked former Representative Joe Scarborough on Tuesday to tell him what Rep. Ron Paul is really like, because he's been amazed to discover lately that "if you mess with Ron Paul on television or online, you are going to feel the wrath of some serious followers."

Harwood explained that when CNBC did an online poll of who won the last GOP presidential debate on October 9, "Ron Paul dominated the debate, and some of my colleagues at CNBC thought that there was something wrong with that and they took the poll down. I want to tell you, my email box, thousands and thousands and thousands of email, like I haven't seen from any other -- you know, followers of Chris Dodd or Bill Richardson or Joe Biden."

Two days after the debate, CNBC Managing Editor Allen Wastler posted "An Open Letter to the Ron Paul Faithful" at the CNBC website, in which he accused them of having hacked the poll. Wastler wrote, "You guys are good. Real good. You are truly a force on World Wide Web and I tip my hat to you. ... You folks are obviously well-organized and feel strongly about your candidate and I can't help but admire that. But you also ruined the purpose of the poll."

However, the very next day, Harwood himself posted "My Open Letter To Ron Paul Supporters," in which he apologetically stated, "I agree with the complaints. I do not believe our poll was 'hacked.' Nor do I agree with my colleagues' decision to take it down, though I know they were acting in good faith. ... I have no reason to believe anything corrupt occurred with respect to our poll. To the contrary, I believe the results we measured showing an impressive 75% naming Paul reflect the organization and motivation of Paul's adherents. This is precisely what unscientific surveys of this kind are created to measure."

Joe Scarborough responded to Harwood's question by saying that Ron Paul has widespread appeal, with signs all over college campuses and traditional conservatives, libertarians, and even people on the far left responding positively to his positions on the war and on civil liberties. He added, though, that in the House of Representatives, "Everybody's thought that he's been crazy for a while, as far as too conservative, too libertarian. ... He's a very independent guy. He doesn't play by the rules."

Scarborough further noted that if Paul were to run for president as an independent, it "would be really bad news for the Republicans." He then seemed to think better of his earlier remark about Paul's colleagues considering him crazy, concluding, "He's an extremely impressive man, he's brilliant ... and everybody's excited about this guy."


Will DOJ Look into the First Death of a U.S. 9/11 Researcher?

From 9/24 to 10/1/07 I traveled throughout Louisiana and Texas, with reporter Jordan Green, investigating the death of 9/11 researcher Dr. David Graham.

Our suspicions were validated: there's a huge story here. It's almost overwhelming. The best way to summarize is to publish my complaint filed last week with the Department of Justice's Office of the Inspector General.

If you support an investigation into the death of Dr. Graham, please say so, in the comments section, at the end. (Please send me your email, too, I may be doing some sort of activism around this. Mine is sander [at]

October 11th, 2007

Office of the Inspector General
Department of Justice
1425 New York Ave NW
Suite 7100
Washington, DC 20005

Dear Inspector,

I am writing to request a special investigation into possible FBI corruption inside the Shreveport, LA. office. I have been researching the strange death of Dr. David M. Graham since I was passed his unpublished manuscript, last spring. This case is of the utmost importance, and is about to receive serious media attention.

A week ago, I returned from a fact-finding mission in Shreveport, New Orleans and Houston. Alongside reporter Jordan Green, I met many of Dr. Graham's surviving friends and coworkers. Every one of them indicated that Dr. Graham's death deserves a deeper investigation. No one believes that Dr. Graham was unstable, or suicidal. The only party to allege that Dr. Graham could have taken his own life is the Shreveport FBI. I personally did a face-to-face interview with FBI Special Agent Stephen Hayes, when I stumbled into him at his office in Shreveport. The tone and content of his comments were indicative. He was hostile, and belittling. The interview ended when he "called security" on me and Mr. Green, (who was there reporting for Yes! Weekly, Greensboro, N.C.)

Dr. Graham met two 9/11 terrorists, ten months before 9/11, in his native Shreveport. He was a medical associate of Dr. Mohammed Habeeb Ahmed (now a resident of San Jose, CA, we believe) and an associate of current federal fugitive Mohammed Jamal Khan (now residing in his native Pakistan, we believe). Dr. Graham was meticulous about these meetings. He wrote a book he tried to publish ("The 9/11 Graham Report") and even created a set of four video tapes in which he clandestinely recorded Khan and Ahmed in his office in 2002 and 2003, discussing the year 2000 meetings with 9/11 hijackers Nawaf al-Hazmi and Fayez Banihammad. In his book, Graham discusses cardboard boxes in Khan's apartment that indicated that Khan was supplying documents or supplies to Khalid al-Mihdhar, who with al-Hazmi, was later identified to be one of the "ringleaders" of 9/11. Khan also had boxes bearing the names Nawaf al-Hazmi and Fayez Banihammad.

Khan's connection to the 9/11 terrorists is beyond dispute. Not only does he corroborate these meetings and these connections, himself, in person, on video tape, but in Khan's signed plea agreement dated April 19, 2002, in US District Court, Western District of Louisiana, (criminal 02-50014-01) there is language that makes reference to the allegation that Khan may be prosecuted for the crimes related of 9/11:

"In no case does the United States Attorney for the Western District of Louisiana and the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas agree that there will be no prosecution of the defendant for any crimes concerning the hijacking of any airline or attack on any building or deaths that occurred on or about September 11, 2001. The United States Attorney for the Western District of Louisiana is simply not aware of the involvement of the defendant in these crimes at this time."

Dr. David M. Graham was a gifted, brave, and rare American. This country was robbed of an asset when we lost him to mysterious circumstances. His death has never been investigated. His family is numbly living in a haze of fear, worried that asking for an investigation will result in reprisals.

Graham was an independent radio journalist who stood up to local political corruption. He was a Vietnam veteran who volunteered for medical missions in a combat zone. He was an evangelical Christian who clothed the poor, and a Shreveport dentist who pioneered advanced, healthy techniques. Dr. David M. Graham was likely poisoned, from propylene glycol, on May 29, 2004, between 11 AM and 1 PM, somewhere between Lake Conroe, Texas and Diboll, Texas. Two close friends, Richard Wilkes, and LeeAnn Scruggs, asked him, at separate times, during his painful 27 months of death-bed organ failure and paralysis, "Who did this to you?" Both times, he indicated it may have been the FBI.

Back in November 2000, when Graham suspected Mohammad Jamal Khan and friends of plotting against the local Barksdale Air Force Base, he notified the FBI. The FBI allegedly responded by passing along a death threat they allegedly received against "who ever ratted out Jamal Khan." According to Graham's eulogist, John Milkovich, Esq. of the Shreveport Community Church, the Shreveport FBI asked Dr. Graham about his "health" in a menacing tone, as if to indicate that his health may be soon in danger. Graham had been life-long friends with oil industry insider (and friend of President George Herbert Walker Bush) Vernon Moore. In our interview with Mr. Moore in New Orleans, last week, Moore said the FBI strongly urged Dr. Graham not to publish his book "The 9/11 Graham Report." But Graham forged ahead. Shortly thereafter, he was poisoned. Moore told us: "For some reason the US government was covering for them people…. I couldn't believe they come down on him like they did."

Shreveport, Louisiana is roiled with a culture of political corruption. A major scandal unfolded recently upon the death of Caddo Parish Coroner Dr. George McCormick, who, it turns out, faked so many autopsies, several district attorneys and judges may be soon facing perjury charges for turning a blind eye.

The Shreveport FBI office is currently experiencing a high rate of turnover. I recently learned that FBI Shreveport Special Agent in Charge Mike Kinder is transferring out of Shreveport. Agent Ray Spoon, a key player in the Graham case, took early retirement from FBI four months ago. In my interview with Agent Stephen Hayes, he often glared angrily. Former Special Agent Ray Spoon told the local media that Graham had not met with the FBI before 9/11. But Hayes admitted to us that yes, he had met with Dr. Graham before 9/11.

During my trip to Shreveport and environs, I shot five hours of raw footage of sources close to Dr. Graham: the Rev. Richard Wilkes and his wife Tanya, Deacon John Milkovich, Pastor Denny Duron, dental hygienist LeeAnn Scruggs, investment advisor Mike Sledge, and others. We met with the sheriff in Angelina County, Texas, where Graham was taken to ER after a seizure in Diboll. But neither Diboll, nor the Angelina County Sheriff's office, nor the EMTs have any 9-1-1 call records. That's strange, especially because we learned a security guard had been posted to Graham's room, even before a close friend indicated that Graham's body should be checked for foul play.

Gordon Klausman and Ronald K. Smith in Willis, Texas, were the last to see Dr. Graham alive and well. When Gordon Klausman went to do an interview with the Houston FBI, he noted they weren't curious about the circumstances of Graham's poisoning. They were interested more in what Graham had been researching, the 9/11 hijackers.

According to DC authors Joe and Susan Trento's 2006 book, Unsafe at Any Altitude, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar, two of the terrorists that Graham was trying to expose, were Saudi spies, agents of the General Intelligence Directorate of the Saudi Royal Kingdom. This is a clearer confirmation of information suggested earlier by Senator Bob Graham's 2004 book, Intelligence Matters in which Senator Graham exposes these same terrorists' Saudi handlers in San Diego. Senator Graham documents the FBI's protection of these spies.

As I discussed with an inspector at your office in late September, I realize that the FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility has initial oversight on allegations of FBI corruption. However, because of the gravity of this case, this inspector at Justice indicated I should submit a report directly to the Office of the Inspector General. I have closely followed and reported on the case of FBI mafia mole Lynn DeVecchio, who was exonerated by the FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility before being indicted on four counts of murder by Brooklyn's DA, Charles Hynes, last year.

I can't say who ordered the hit on Graham. Suspects could include operations deep inside the US military or intelligence networks. Powerful Saudi interests could have acted in concert with those parties. Saudis were protected even by the US Congress, when 27 pages of the Joint Inquiry were blacked out in order not to embarrass them. Senator Bob Graham's book begins to finally shed some light on that 27-page redaction.

No matter who ordered the hit on Dr. Graham, it was managed by the FBI, in a number of ways. They were out front right away, suggesting to the media and the hospital doctors that Graham had been suicidal. This media report enraged the surviving friends and family, when it came out on KTBS, Channel 3, Shreveport:

"Houston police referred questions to the FBI office in Houston, which did not return calls for comment. Federal authorities in Shreveport said they are not involved and don't know if there is anything sinister to Graham's illness or if it was suicide attempt or was connected to Graham's personal or business life."

Graham was in good spirits, on the way to his pastor's daughter's wedding on May 29, 2004. Graham did suspect his life might have been in danger at this time, and took steps to protect himself. According to sources close to the deceased, the FBI told Dr. Graham's doctors in Lufkin and Houston that he was "crazy" and "suicidal." This act reduced the level of medical care Graham received at crucial moments in the ER, in Lufkin and Houston.

In sum, Graham's ongoing relationship with the Shreveport FBI, from November 2000 until his poisoning in 2004, should have given him special protection as a supplier of information about the 9/11 terrorists in Shreveport, before and after 9/11.

Instead, Graham died a mysterious death that was never investigated. Shreveport FBI were extremely hostile when I asked them why. Agent Stephen Hayes indicated that Mohammed Jamal Khan Khan may have in fact been the FBI's informant.

The Shreveport FBI appears to have protected foreign spies and 9/11 terrorists from a tenacious citizen researcher. An investigation of the Shreveport FBI could begin to expose who ordered Graham's death. We must reassert the rule of law in America.


Graham's death corroborates other publicly available evidence that these same key 9/11 hijackers, Nawaf Al-Hazmi, and Khalid Al-Mihdhar, enjoyed protection from entities inside the US military/intelligence network, while in the US before 9/11. It's difficult to believe, but 9/11 may have been a kind of cattle prod to shock public opinion into supporting two wars of foreign aggression. We now know those wars were based on lies.

Here's a timeline that shows a basis for this assertion:

January 2000: The CIA photographs and tracks 9/11 hijacker ringleaders, Nawaf Al-Hazmi, and Khalid Al-Mihdhar, at the Malaysian terrorism summit, in Kuala Lumpur. For some reason, the CIA does not to put them on the terrorist watch list. As a result, these terrorists, one of whom had helped bomb the USS Cole, are free to travel in and out of the USA, until 9/11. source

September 2000: According to Michael Isikoff at Newsweek, both Al Hazmi and Al Mihdhar lived with an FBI informant in San Diego, in early Fall, 2000, before heading to Shreveport. An interview I did in San Diego last July revealed the FBI's handler's name was Abdussattar Shaikh, a shady character with bogus academic credentials. Source, here.
Bush White House friend Saudi Princess Haifa was later "investigated" by the FBI for wiring the San Diego terrorist handlers Princess between $51,000 and $73,000 at this time.

August, 2001: The CIA deports a Mossad operation out of south Florida in late August, 2001, when Israeli intelligence gets close to busting key 9/11 terrorists, including Mohamed Atta. Mossad publishes a list of potential terrorists, in order to embarrass CIA. Only then, 18 months after the Malaysian summit, does CIA put Nawaf Al-Hazmi, and Khalid Al-Mihdhar on the terrorism watch list. (source: German press clips by my associate, Nicholas Levis.

February 2006: Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer's 48 pages of Congressional testimony in the Able Danger hearings on Capitol Hill reveals that one of his superiors at Pentagon protected the identity of Mohamed Atta, Nawaf Al-Hazmi, and Khalid Al-Mihdhar, from Schaffer and his elite Defense Intelligence operation "Able Danger", in February, 2000. See pp. 22-23, of Schaffer's testimony to House Armed Services Committee, US Congress.

Thank you in advance for looking into this case.


Sander Hicks
Drench Kiss Media Corporation, d.b.a. "Vox Pop"
1022 Cortelyou Road
Brooklyn, NY 11218
718 940 2084 (w.)
sander [at]

Other Materials Available Upon Request:
Final Version, "The 9/11 Graham Report" by David M. Graham.
My book, The Big Wedding: 9/11, the Whistle-Blowers, and the Cover-Up
Raw transcripts and notes from my interviews, and Jordan Green's interviews, from our work on this case.
Five fours of video footage I shot during the recent trip.
Four hours of video footage Dr. Graham created to document his meetings with terrorists and their accomplices.

CC: Thomas J. Harris, Inspector, 70th Precinct, NYPD, Brooklyn, NY
Kent Henson, Sheriff, Angelina County, Texas
Michael Isikoff, Newsweek
Jonathan Larsen, Producer, Countdown with Keith Olbermann
Robert Woliver, Editor-in-Chief, Long Island Press



Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New York willing to talk settlement in 9/11 suit

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York City is willing to enter discussions to settle a lawsuit with 9,000 rescue and cleanup workers at the World Trade Center disaster site who may be sick from inhaling toxic dust, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on Tuesday.

The plaintiffs are seeking damages from the city in federal court, saying they suffer from respiratory illnesses attributed to breathing toxic ash, dust and other contaminants from the aftermath of the September 11 attacks.

The city previously has attempted to convince a federal judge to dismiss the suit, though it has the benefit of a $1 billion federal fund established in case the city was found to have liability.

"Every time we are sued we will always take a look and see whether there is a way to come to a settlement in everybody's interests," Bloomberg told reporters.

"Plain and simple: We're just going to talk and explore," he said.

Bloomberg confirmed a report in the New York Daily News that the city and its contractors had expressed a willingness to enter negotiations.

The Daily News cited a letter a lawyer for the plaintiffs sent to his clients.

"The City of New York and the contractors have indicated that they want to negotiate a global or aggregate settlement on behalf of all our WTC clients," reads the letter from lawyer Marc Bern, the Daily News said.

"If we receive an aggregate settlement offer from the defendants, it will be up to you and our other clients to accept or reject the offer and, if you accept it, to agree on how the (money) would be divided," Bern wrote. "The defendants would have nothing to do with that decision." 

Bern told Reuters he had no comment.

"The lawyer for the 9,000 defendants sent out a letter ... saying that we are going to talk to them, but there is no (dollar) number," Bloomberg said. "There is no reason to think that we can come to a settlement or that we can't."

The newspaper said victim advocates were skeptical that the $1 billion federal fund would be adequate to cover care for long-term illnesses and to compensate some 150 families that blame the death of a relative on work at Ground Zero.

"If you do the math, it's not that handsome a settlement for the 9/11 responders," the newspaper quoted John Feal, a responder and Ground Zero activist, as saying.



Law center: Little evidence of jihadists in the U.S.

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Six years of investigations and prosecutions have turned up little evidence of Islamic jihadists at work in the United States, according to a study released Monday.

The study, conducted by New York University's Center on Law and Security, tracked 510 cases billed as terrorism-related when arrests were made.

But it found only 158 of those people arrested since al Qaeda's September 11, 2001, attacks were prosecuted for terrorism.

In a statement issued Monday afternoon, the Justice Department said the report "reflects a serious misunderstanding" of anti-terrorism efforts and includes "wildly inaccurate" statistics.

The study found only four people -- including confessed al Qaeda operative Zacarias Moussaoui and "shoe bomber" Richard Reid -- were convicted of planning attacks within the United States.

"The vast majority of cases turn out to include no link to terrorism once they go to court," the report found. The analysis "suggests the presence of few, if any, prevalent terrorist threats currently within the U.S."

The report questioned the usefulness of the anti-terrorist USA Patriot Act, passed after the September 11, 2001, attacks, finding prosecutors relied primarily on previous laws.

"Although we are just beginning to discern the true extent and manner in which the administration has used the sweeping investigative powers granted by the Patriot Act, the record indicates that the criminal law provides an adequate tool set for trying suspected terrorists," the report stated.

In his 2006 State of the Union address President Bush urged Congress to reauthorize the Patriot Act.

"We now know that two of the hijackers in the United States placed telephone calls to al Qaeda operatives overseas. But we did not know about their plans until it was too late," Bush said.

"So to prevent another attack --- based on authority given to me by the Constitution and by statute -- I have authorized a terrorist surveillance program to aggressively pursue the international communications of suspected al Qaeda operatives and affiliates to and from America."

Receiving applause, Bush said, "If there are people inside our country who are talking with al Qaeda, we want to know about it, because we will not sit back and wait to be hit again."

The Justice Department disputed the law center's figures in Monday's study, saying more than the 62 people who the study cited have been convicted of terrorism-related offenses since the September 11, 2001, attacks.

But the law center said most of those 62 cases involved people planning attacks overseas, not inside the United States.

And looking at possible attacks worldwide, just 7 percent of those arrested in what authorities called terrorism-related cases have been convicted of terrorism charges or providing material support for terrorism, the report said.

Justice Department spokesman Dean Boyd said that as of late September prosecutors had won 312 convictions in "terrorism and terrorism-related cases with an international nexus" since the 2001 attacks. And Justice Department statistics found far fewer defendants had been charged with terrorism offenses between September 11, 2006, and September 11, 2007, than the 109 the report asserted.

"Our efforts to prevent terrorist attacks have moved our focus to the preparatory stages of terrorist planning and to those who would support and actively encourage such activity," Boyd said.

He added, "We have used other criminal charges that apply to the facts of each case to disrupt terrorist activity before it occurs."

In many cases, prosecutors used criminal conspiracy charges to obtain convictions against suspects like Jose Padilla, the accused al Qaeda operative found guilty in August of plotting to support overseas terrorism.

The Bush administration jailed Padilla without charges for nearly four years on allegations that he planned to set off a radioactive "dirty bomb" in the United States, but eventually tried him on unrelated charges.

The report praised what it called the increased effectiveness of the FBI, which it credited with breaking up plots to bomb fuel pipelines at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport and attack an Army post at Fort Dix, New Jersey.

But it questioned the use of what it called "preventive arrests" by federal agents to disrupt plots rather than let agents continue watching suspects and gathering more evidence.



NIST Admits Total Collapse Of Twin Towers Unexplainable

Implicitly acknowledges controlled demolition only means by which towers could have fallen at free fall speed

The National Institute for Standards and Technology has been forced to admit that the total free-fall collapse of the twin towers cannot be explained after an exhaustive scientific study, implicitly acknowledging that controlled demolition is the only means by which the buildings could have come down.

In a recent letter (PDF link) to 9/11 victim's family representatives Bill Doyle and Bob McIlvaine, NIST states, "We are unable to provide a full explanation of the total collapse."

A 10,000 page scientific study only offers theories as to how the "collapse initiation" proceeded and fails to address how it was possible for part of a WTC structure to fall through the path of most resistance at freefall speed, completely violating the accepted laws of physics.

In addition, NIST's own studies confirmed that virtually none of the steel in either tower reached temperatures hotter than 500 degrees. The point at which steel weakens is 1000 degrees and melting point is reached at 1,500 degrees, according to NIST itself.

"NIST'S 10,000-page report purports to explain what it calls "collapse initiation" -- the loss of several floors' vertical support," writes Kevin Barrett of Scholars for 9/11 Truth. "In order to dream up this preposterous scenario, NIST had to ignore its own tests that showed that virtually none of the steel got hotter than 500 degrees f. It had to claim that somehow the planes took out many core columns, despite the fact that only a direct hit by an engine would have been likely to do so, and that the chances of this happening even once are fairly low. It had to preposterously allege that the plane that nicked the corner of the South Tower took out more core columns than the one that hit the North Tower almost dead center. It had to tweak all the parameters till they screamed bloody murder and say that the steel was far weaker than it actually was, the fire was far hotter than it actually was, the sagging was far greater than it actually was, and so on. And so NIST hallucinated a computer-generated fantasy scenario for "collapse initiation"--the failure of a few floors."

"But how do you get from the failure of a few floors to total collapse at free-fall speed of the entire structure? The short answer: You don't. Anyone with the slightest grasp of the laws of physics understands that even if all of the vertical supports on a few floors somehow failed catastrophically at exactly the same moment--a virtually impossible event, but one necessary to explain why the Towers would come straight down rather than toppling sideways--the top part of the building could not fall THROUGH the still-intact, highly robust lower part of the building, straight through the path of most resistance, just as fast as it would have fallen through thin air."

"Thus total free-fall collapse, even given NIST's ridiculous "initiation" scenario, is utterly impossible. The probability of it happening is exactly equal to the probability of the whole building suddenly falling upward and landing on the moon," concludes Barrett.

NIST have yet to properly address the sudden freefall collapse of WTC Building 7, which imploded on the late afternoon of 9/11 despite not being hit by a jetliner.

In August 2006, NIST promised to scientifically evaluate whether explosive devices could have contributed to the 47-story building's collapse but no answers have been forthcoming.

In August of this year, James Quintiere, Ph.D., former Chief of the Fire Science Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, called for an independent inquiry into NIST's investigation of the collapse of the twin towers.

Quintiere said NIST's conclusions were "questionable", that they failed to follow standard scientific procedures and that their failure to address Building 7 belied the fact that the investigation was incomplete.


PBS Interview with Ron Paul

Ron Paul was interviewed by Judy Woodruff of PBS - October 12, 2007

Protect Liberty, Vote Ron Paul!

Real audio / Download

Clinton would use violence against Tehran

Hillary Clinton today moved to secure her position as the most hawkish Democrat in the 2008 presidential race, saying she would consider the use of force to compel Iran to abandon its nuclear programme.

In an article for Foreign Affairs magazine intended as a blueprint for the foreign policy of a future Clinton White House, the Democratic frontrunner argues that Iran poses a long term strategic challenge to American and its allies, and that it must not be permitted to build or acquire nuclear weapons.

"If Iran does not comply with its own commitments and the will of the international community, all options must remain on the table," Ms Clinton said.

Elsewhere, Ms Clinton took the edge off her steely posture by saying she would abandon the Bush administration's policy of isolating its enemies, and would deploy diplomacy.

"True statesmanship requires that we engage with our adversaries, not for the sake of talking but because robust diplomacy is a prerequisite to achieving our aims."

She says she would even consider offering incentives to Iran in return for a pledge to disarm. However, she sets out a series of stringent conditions that are virtually identical to current White House policy.

"If Iran is in fact willing to end its nuclear weapons programme, renounce sponsorship of terrorism, support Middle East peace, and play a constructive role in stabilising Iraq, the United States should be prepared to offer Iran a carefully calibrated package of incentives," Ms Clinton wrote.

The article, the latest in a series of position papers from the leading Democratic and Republican contenders for the White House, offers a glimpse at Ms Clinton's efforts to appeal to Democrats seeking a repudiation of the current regime's world view when they begin voting in primaries next January, as well as to the broader electorate that will vote in November 2008.

It arrives only days after Ms Clinton was severely criticised by her Democratic rivals for backing a Senate resolution calling on the US government to declare Iran's Revolutionary Guards, the elite division of Tehran's military, a terrorist entity.

The measure has been argued strenuously by the vice-president, Dick Cheney, and other neocons, but such a sweeping designation does not appear to have the support of the state department.

Ms Clinton was the only Democratic candidate to support the resolution, and her rivals said her vote could help the Bush administration make a future case for war against Iran.

Unlike the five other candidates to sketch out their vision of foreign policy to date, Ms Clinton gave little indication of her comprehensive world view.

However, she pledged to avoid the "ideologically blinkered" policies of the current presidency. "Avoid false choices driven by ideology," she wrote.

On Iraq, Ms Clinton offered a small variation on her promises on the campaign trail, saying she would instruct her Pentagon chief and other military leaders to draw up a withdrawal plan within 60 days of her inauguration. However, she would consider leaving behind a residual force in the Kurdish areas of northern Iraq.



Ron Paul Revolution BIG Interstate Billboards

Ron Paul Revolutionaires from Phoenix team up with Las Vegas and Los Angeles activists.

Where's Billary's signs? How about Rudy's?

I guess their supporters just don't care enough to spend their own time and money to help their candidate's campaign. Ron Paul doesn't need special interest money, he has us - the people.

New Film Exposes How Rudy Failed Firefighters On 9-11

Filmmaker Robert Greenwald has released another explosive short documentary film about Rudy Giuliani, this time highlighting the former New York City mayor's controversial handling of radios used by the city's fire department on Sept. 11. Greenwald is also petitioning the New York City Council to launch an investigation into the matter.

The web video, released Monday by Brave New Films, alleges that during his administration Giuliani failed to equip the FDNY with adequate, let alone functioning, communication equipment. That in turn created massive problems on 9/11 and may have contributed to the unnecessary deaths of dozens of servicemen.

"What did Mr. Giuliani do [about faulty radios]?" Al Santora, the retired Chief of Safety for FDNY whose son died on 9/11, asks in one of the film's most poignant moments. "He had eight years. He did nothing to correct that situation... We got people dead as a result."

As Greenwald documents, the radios used by the FDNY on 9/11 were precisely the same ones that malfunctioned during the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center. Eight years after that attack, Giuliani did replace the defective equipment. But the new radios he bought under a no-bid, $14 million contract from Motorola (the previous contract was $1.4 million) were never field-tested. The "upgrade" proved disastrous. Within a week, the just-purchased radios were recalled after a firefighter's mayday went un-heard. Giuliani was forced to reissue the old, faulty batch. And on 9/11 when a police helicopter warned that the North Tower could collapse, more than 120 firefighters remained inside.

"The radios failed them and that was Giuliani failing them," says Roseleen Tallon, whose brother Sean was an FDNY member killed in 9/11.

In addition to releasing the film on, Greenwald is petitioning New York City Councilman Eric Gioia to initiate a public investigation into Giulaini's handling of the FDNY radios.

"No investigation has ever taken place," Greenwald told the Huffington Post. "People were killed because he screwed up... and family members want questions answered."

Giuliani's office did not return calls requesting comment.

This is the second Giuliani film made by Greenwald. The first explored the former mayor's decision to ignore the advise of his own security experts and locate New York's terrorist command center at the World Trade Center, despite its centrality as a potential terrorist target.


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