Thursday, February 7, 2008

Media Smeared Paul For Racism, Ignored McCain’s "Gook" Comments

A shining example of how the media engaged in a witch hunt as part a coordinated campaign to sink the presidential campaign of Congressman Ron Paul is when they attacked him for vaguely racist comments made by other people in the 80's, while completely ignoring the fact that Republican frontrunner John McCain openly said he hated "gooks" more recently.

James Kirchick's New Republic hit piece, which was echoed by every sector of the establishment media for weeks on end, was a vitriolic, biased, and agenda-driven smear attack that lumped in half-truths, outright lies and guilt by association in an attempt to demonize Ron Paul as a racist.

Bear in mind that the comments Kirchick based his article on were largely drawn from newsletters put out in the 1980's of which Ron Paul had no editorial control over. Despite the fact that the comments were made by other people, Ron Paul apologized anyway and yet the feeding frenzy that ensued blatantly exposed the fact that the establishment had been chomping at the bit to seize on anything negative to attack the Congressman with. Meanwhile, John "Keating Five", ahem I mean John "anti-corruption" McCain, disgracefully said he hated "gooks" in public for assembled reporters to hear during his previous presidential campaign in 2000.

"I hated the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live," McCain said on his campaign bus.

'So what? This happened eight years ago and McCain apologized for it soon after', would be the likely Neo-Con riposte.

Compare it to Ron Paul, who is still apologizing for comments made by other people 20 years ago, as establishment hacks ninny and obsess about his imaginary links to white supremacists.

But McCain can openly spew racist slurs in public and the media doesn't even give it the time of day when the man looks set to go head to head with Hillary for the White House and possibly become the President for over 12 million Asian-Americans, or "gooks" as McCain calls them.

Double standards? That hardly covers it. The corporate media are once again protecting their war candidate, Mr. "bomb bomb bomb Iran", Mr. "stay in Iraq for 100 years" while crucifying Paul for comments made by other people that pale in comparison to McCain's personal vitriol about his deep-seated hatred of "gooks".



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