Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We Are Change Confronts Carl Cameron on Media’s 9/11 Truth Ignorance

We Are Change activists spoke with Fox News reporter Carl Cameron after holding signs behind one of his broadcasts (to insist on the coverage mainstream media won’t give).

Although Cameron maintained that he was an empty vessel unable to influence any coverage of 9/11 truth, he seemed sympathetic and held a long dialogue about the under-reported and often mischaracterized ’ 9/11 truth movement’.

Cameron posed– at least off camera– as true investigative reporter, curious and considerate of evidence pointing towards cover-up and crime.

Nevertheless, he dashed hopes of Fox reporting any real news. "What do you want me to say?… It’s not anything I’m remotely involved in. I cover presidential politics."

See also: Fox Friend Bo Dietl Questions Missing Bodies in 9/11 Remains Despite Claim that Towers ’Melted Like Potato Chips’ where another Fox reporter had a rational discussion with We Are Change members.


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