Friday, May 8, 2009

White House Releases Air Force One NYC Photo-Op Picture

Here's the photo that caused so much commotion in New York City and has now cost a White House official his job:


Today Louis Caldera, the director of the White House Military Office and the man who authorized the low flight of one of the Air Force One planes and two F-16s over New York City, resigned. Caldera's resignation was reported by the Associated Press, The New York Times and other news outlets. This news came as the White House released one picture from the photo-op, which was conducted to update the Air Force One photo library.

The photo was taken by Master Sgt. Andrew N. Dunaway of the Air Force combat camera squadron in Charleston Air Force Base, South Carolina, according to news accounts. President Obama was reportedly furious about the April 27 flyover and ordered a review.

Also today Sen. John McCain's office released a letter from Defense Secretary Robert Gates saying the estimated mission cost for the three-hour photo op was between $300,658 to $328,835. "I am concerned that this highly public and visable mission did not include an appropriate public affairs plan nor adequate review and approval by senior Air Force and DoD officials," Gates wrote.


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