Friday, June 12, 2009

Call Mockingbird Operative Glenn Beck’s Producer

Author and Christian conservative political activist Mark Dice instructs all outraged by Glenn Beck’s attempt to link 9/11 truth activists to the accused racist gunman James von Brunn to call Beck’s producer:

“Please tell the audience this or post it. If you call 212-301-30000 ask for Grasham Striegel, the Fox News operator will transfer you to this scum who is Beck’s producer. I left him a nice voicemail the other day. While the operator won’t transfer you to any anchor’s voicemail….they WILL transfer you to producers, since most dumb fans don’t know who the producers are for their favorite Fox puppets,” writes Dice this morning.

“Just simply tell the operator, ‘Grasham Striegel please’ and they will transfer you. That is until he starts getting hundreds of calls and voicemails. If the operator starts screening calls because Mr. Striegel is getting hundreds of nice voicemails, then tell the operator that you are calling him back and you forgot his extension so you need to be transferred.”

Remember, that number is 212-301-30000 and the producer’s name is Grasham Striegel.

Fill up his voicemail and let Beck know we will not take his COINTELPRO treachery laying down.


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