Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Local Media Covers Ron Paul Walk in Austin

The 'Ron Paul Revolution' hits the streets en masse across the nation to prove it was made up of real supporters-- not Internet hype.

More than 200 people took to the streets of Austin last Saturday to join in 'A Walk for Ron Paul' that took place in more than 50 United States cities.

The rousing demonstration garnered coverage from News 8 Austin, a leading local media outlet, as it littered downtown with Ron Paul signs and cries to 'legalize the Constitution' through a 'Ron Paul revolution.'

View News 8 Austin's coverage:

A number of other people filmed the walk, which also included a demonstration at the Texas capital. The event was organized through the Austin chapter of Meet-up.com, where thousands of Ron Paul supporters have connected throughout the country.

More coverage in front of the Texas Capital building

More photos can be seen at Meetup.com and Flickr. Thanks to all who sent in photos and video.


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