Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Arrested For Reading The Constitution

Only pro-war groups are allowed freedom of speech in police state Amerika as cops kidnap people who recite the very document they swore an oath to protect and uphold

Peaceful onlookers were arrested by police for reading the Constitution while a pro-war group was allowed full freedom of speech in Washington DC recently in another flagrant example of how American cops are now the enforcers of a tyrannical police state.

Police are required to swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution but this didn't stop them from kidnapping members of the Code Pink group, who gathered on a nearby sidewalk to calmly express their disagreement with a Neo-Con pro-war event taking place nearby by reading the bill of rights.

The pro-occupation group "Vets for Freedom" held a rally at Upper Senate Park, Washington DC, on Saturday September 22nd. Their guest speakers included Neo-Con criminals John McCain, Johny Isakson and Joe Lieberman.

Watch the video.

A common theme of the event was that U.S. troops in Iraq were there to "protect the freedom" of the Iraqi people, but this freedom didn't seem to apply to the group of American citizens that decided to use their first amendment right of free speech to voice their dissent.

Five members of Code Pink were arrested, one for reading the Constitution, as police refused to say what the charges were and refused to answer any questions while demonstrators were hauled into paddy wagons.

The events echo similar incidents across the pond in Britain, where a woman was questioned by police and entered into the anti-terror database for reading a mainstream newspaper that had an anti-war headline.

In October 2005, another woman was arrested and convicted for reading out names of British soldiers killed in Iraq at central London's Cenotaph.

Much to the chagrin of Neo-Con trolls who attempted to skew the events seen in the video by claiming the Code Pink group were heckling parents of slain U.S. soldiers, one of the five arrested was an Iraq veteran herself.

"Screw you, anonymous coward. I served my country honorably and proudly - and with my head, not my knees. Dissent is patriotic. If you want to work for a king, go flip burgers," retorted one individual in response to Neo-Cons who tried to justify the arrests on Internet messageboards.


Before you act like a neo-con ignoramus, ask yourself: when was the last time I read the constitution and bill of rights?

If the answer is "I don't know" or "high school", and you believe people should be arrested for reading said documents, then you have no right to an opinion. Without these documents, you wouldn't be alive. Wake up already, your free country is no longer free.

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