Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Body Fragments Found at Ground Zero Site Kept Secret

Body Fragments Found at Ground Zero Site Kept Secret

What's The Price for the Freedom Tower?

According to sources from the Port Authority Police Department, two more body fragments of 9/11 victims were found at Ground Zero this past week.

According to the confidential source information to the finding is being kept secret because of scrutiny regarding rebuilding effort taking place at Ground Zero.

Currently Ground Zero is a huge construction site, where the city plans on building its Freedom Tower. The footage that was shot on Saturday January 19th inside Ground Zero depicts construction workers working overtime on the freedom tower, which is set to be finished in 2012.

What the general public fails to grasp is that Ground Zero is a memorial site for over 3,000 families. Around 45 percent of the victims of 9/11 were never discovered. While unidentified body parts are still being discovered to this day more than 6 years later.

This current situation is attributed to Rudolph Giuliani's scoop and dump policy which threw away 45 percent of the remaining undiscovered family members into the fresh kills land fill in Staten Island. It was later reported by the AP that the remains were then recycled and used to fill up pot holes in NYC streets.

Rudolph Giuliani implemented his policy after the gold of the Nova Scotia was found at Ground Zero in 2001 on All Saint's day. After the gold of Nova Scotia was discovered Rudolph kicked firefighters off the pile and implemented the scoop and dump policy. Many firefighters in outrage protested and were even arrested when finding out Giuliani's decision to scoop and dump their fallen brothers.

Rudolph, who was formally a federal prosecutor, should know something about keeping evidence at a crime scene his actions speak for themselves. While he is using 9/11 as a platform for the presidential election he should think twice about mentioning his actions as mayor.

Manny Badillo lost his uncle Thomas J. Sgroi in the twin towers stated "It was one of the worst, disrespectful things you could possibly do to anyone who lost someone."

The real important question to ask is if there will be DNA testing done on the newly discovered body fragments or will the city do what they did before and throw the remains into the garbage, recycle them and use them to fill up pot holes?



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