Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Group Raises $25,000 in One Day to Fly Ron Paul Banners Over Key Primary States


A new grassroots effort to fly Ron Paul banners over key battleground states has just been initiated, and already, the Ron Paul Air Corps has raised more than $25,000 in only 24-hours.

The first flight was officially launched in Iowa only hours before the Caucuses began. A gigantic banner many times the size of the helicopter towing it flew over Cedar Rapids yesterday for more than four hours displaying the "Ron Paul Revolution" logo to many new eyes (see above).

Ron Paul Air Corps is now seeking to fund more than 50 banner flights before Super Tuesday (February 5) in order to maximize its effect on the primary now underway. The flight plan will focus on important states like New Hampshire, South Carolina, New York, Nevada and Florida and try to generate news coverage everywhere it goes.

Just as the Ron Paul Blimp has caught not only eyes in the sky, but attention from media outlets, the Ron Paul Air Corps aims to change history and take free speech to the air in a big way, even when the airwaves censor Ron Paul.

The Air Corps' next flight will be over the Fox News presidential forum in New Hampshire set for Jan. 6 at Saint Anselm college. Fox News has made a pointed decision to exclude Ron Paul from the forum despite the fact that he placed higher than Rudy Giuliani in the Iowa Caucus (who is invited), so the Ron Paul Air Corps is flying-in to make a stand.

Ron Paul supporters will join the Air Corps to protest Fox News' dirty tricks only two days before the New Hampshire primary. The Air Corps hopes to draw enough people and signs to demand that the media pay attention to Ron Paul's overwhelming support. The giant banner flying over Saint Anselm in Manchester should help to make sure Ron Paul isn't ignored after all.


The Ron Paul Air Corps will also make numerous other flights in New Hampshire in these few days left before votes are cast-- but they need your help to make sure banners fly everywhere they can before some 20 states are decided on February 5. To complete its flight schedule and make Ron Paul the viable candidate he can be, the Ron Paul Air Corps needs to raise about $200,000. Please help them meet their goal by sponsoring a flight.

Visit www.RonPaulAirCorps.com to see where the Ron Paul Revolution will be in the air next.



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