Friday, September 14, 2007

End Game Changes Paradigm For a Pro-Bush Neo-Con Mom

The National Expositor wanted to see what would happen if we sent someone with no prior exposure to the truth movement to review an Alex Jones film. We contacted a pro-Bush, mainstream couple and sent them to the premier of Alex Jones' new film "End Game." Could "End Game" be the film that finally wakes people up? Erin Alfaro, patriotic American housewife and mother, let's us know if her paradigm has changed with her review of the film below.

"End Game" By Erin Alfaro

I totally love going to the movies. I try to watch everything. So when I was asked to see a movie and write a review for the National Expositor, I jumped at the chance. Okay, I didn't know it was a documentary. Not that I don't like documentaries, but not so much in the theater. I want to be entertained!! I am a mother of four and when I go out, it better be worth my time.

All right, I really can't complain. I get to see a movie for free at the Alamo Draft House which is a totally awesome experience in itself. I love the place. And I get to let people know my opinion!!! I arrive at the theater and am surprised that there is a good mix of people. The line is out the door. I guess, people sure do love a good documentary. I have to wait outside in the heat, in Texas. Okay, this movie better be good.

After we are seated, Alex Jones is introduced. I don't know that much about Alex Jones. I have seen him in a few interviews and he seems to know his stuff. He is received with loud applause. These people love the guy! He gives a little info on what to expect from the film and stresses that due to time constraints, only a small fraction of evidence is covered. Hmmm, interesting. He finishes his intro with " information is truth."

End Game Begins............Here are a few of the points that the movie covered:

"We are on the verge of a New World Order, all we need is the right crisis." David Rockefeller (member of the Bilderburg Group).

End Game gives a brief history of past eugenic leaders and their failed attempts at world domination, such as Hitler and Stalin.

It documents how our government is planning a North American Union. Which opens the borders of Mexico and Canada, thereby voiding us of our sovereignty. It's modeled after the same program that formed the European Union.

Next move..... Global World Order.

Who is behind this???

Well, for one, the Bilderburg Group. They are a secret society consisting of wealthy and powerful leaders from around the world. They have "a vision of global dehumanization." In other words, they want us to be subjects (slaves) to their tyranny. All through time, evil elitists have sought world domination. It is no secret that today's "elite" seek this same end. In fact, they don't even try to hide their agenda because they control the major media. They twist facts and events to make their agenda more convincing. For example, a person may surrender their rights in order to feel protected from terrorists. They'll say, "Okay, go ahead and listen to my calls, take pictures of my every move. I need to give up my freedoms to be safe." I get it!!

Today's elitists, including the Bilderburg Group, have a vision of global dehumanization. They have learned from past mistakes and will try to gain control of us with our consent. It will be "evolution by stealth."

Communist China is a model for the eugenics program that they want to implement in the New World Order. Did I mention that the Bilderburg Group wants to eliminate up 90% of the world population? China has been praised in US newspapers by certain members of the Bilderburg Group for their work in population control. The Chinese government murders farmers and their families. The people are heavily fined or arrested for having more than one child. Each prisoner's blood type and DNA are recorded in order to sell their organs to the highest bidder following execution.

These elitists are successfully sabotaging the American public with false terror attacks designed to scare us into giving up our freedoms.

The amount of information in End Game is unbelievable and undeniable !!

Remember, this movie only covered a small amount of evidence. Scary. Rarely does a documentary stir the mind so much that it keeps you awake at night, plotting your escape from a seemingly unchangeable future. Well, I applaud you Alex Jones, on a job well done..........I need my sleep, mother of four here!!!Alex Jones is definitely growing on me. He's a character; it's hard not to like omeone who is not afraid to get in the face of people in power. He's got guts!

I am shocked that this is going on right under our noses! I'm angry and embarrassed to say that I WAS a Bush supporter. What was I thinking????

He has done more damage to this country than anyone in history. Our President, MY President is a member of this elitist group along with former President linton (not so shocking). I'm hurt! He is a lying little weasel. Who do we believe? Who can we trust?

It has been a couple of days since watching this movie and I am still pissed off!!! How can we stop this steamroller??? We can't forget that We the People, are in charge!!!! Educate your children on their rights, the Constitution, spread the ord of these crimes against humanity. The past is unchangeable, but the future on the other hand.............

A New World Order is looming over us! Evil should not prevail!

End Game is a movie everyone should enforcement, members of the military, grandparents, teens.


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