Sunday, September 9, 2007

History IS Being Made Right Now!

Today, Saturday September 8th, 2007 was one of the most intense street actions that the 911 truth movement has ever made. We met at Ground Zero at Noon to continue our Saturday street actions, this time with 5-10 times the people! It was an extremely hot and sunny day with little shade anywhere near the WTC Path station, and despite this, thousands of people stopped to take and read a flyer, or read a poster, and the overwhelming majority seemed willing to listen. There were very few fiery disagreements the entire time at the former WTC site.

Then we moved uptown, to the heart of NYC, Times Square, for another 5 hours on the street. We set up on the center island and well over 100 activists handed out over 10,000 flyers to the public. Alex Jones made his arrival to New York and joined us at the center of Times Square.

Word came in that Geraldo Rivera was giving a live broadcast only a few blocks away. A truth squad quickly dispached itself to the scene. There, the group chanted a deafening "911 Was An Inside Job" endlessly. The police were concerned with us blocking the sidewalk, but so long there was a clear path we remained about 20 feet from Geraldo. All of the signs and banners were visible on TV, and it just happened to be up on the jumbo screen in the middle of Times Square. Then the rest of the group saw Alex Jones was suddlenly pulled aside and arrested by police.

Groups headed out and searched for the precint Alex was taken to. After finding the location, the rest of the group met there and demanded Alex's release. Within only a few hours, we got what we wanted!

Here is a quick Raw video of some of the action!



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