Monday, September 3, 2007

Tyranny at the Texas Straw Poll

Ron Paul Supporters Denied Access!


I just got an email through the Ron Paul Meetup up group from the well known "Granny Warriors"

They just informed everyone that they have PROOF that an ENTIRE BUS FULL of Ron Paul DELEGATES from San Antonio were prevented from voting. They arrived on time and were denied. After another bus pulled up and they were ushered in through the side entrance.


The vote was supposed to be until 1 or 2 pm, but GOP security prevented registered Delegates from entering the building who were wearing Ron Paul signs at 10am.

I was standing over by the Granny warriors when 2 delegates approached me and asked me to help them get into the convention center.
They had showed up at the door a little before 10am wearing Ron Paul shirts. The security guard told them to change into proper attire. They left and changed then came back and it was now 10:10/10:20 and the security told them the registration was closed.
Apparently everyone who showed up from out of town or with an online registration recpt. was denied access unless they got there before 10am and in proper attire.

Delegates who showed up, got their credentials and then changed were allowed to enter.

In the video the woman in red asks a Ron Paul organizer for her pass. He tells her the woman with the box has it. She runs to the woman with the box of passes, and askes if she has the passes, and the woman tells her no. So what was in that box, and why was she in such a hurry to get the box out of the convention center? It was in my opinon a lie and the passes were in the box.

The security guard is asked by me on camera who he works for, and he evades the question. If he works for the GOP then why not say "yes GOP" he says "the party" Who's party? Another candidate? Who told this security guard to deny access to Ron Paul delegates?

We counted about 12 or so people walking up to the door and being turned away every 10 min or so. This went on from 10am till 1:30 when I left. This does not count the delegates who showed up in Ron Paul shirts and could not or decided not to change and simply went home frustrated and out the $50 or $75 fee the GOP charges.

If they paid for credentials and were denied them, should they file a dispute on their credit card? Would hundreds of disputes on the GOP merchant account make national headlines, and force the merchant account provider to suspend or even file criminal charges against the account holder?


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