Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Giuliani Confronted for Desecrating 9/11 Dead

Hovering over the consecrated remains at Ground Zero is a ghostly air of harrowing memories and unanswered questions.

Maybe that's why former Mayor Giuliani feels the urge to leave so quickly when pieces of those memories begin to surface and the truth begins to hurt.

Certainly, Giuliani did not want to think about the fact that he trashed the remains of more than 40% of Ground Zero victims-- and used them to fill potholes and to pave roads. As a consequence, many family members never found their loved ones and their tragedies were made worse by callous desecration on the part of a leader they were supposed to be able to trust.

In the name of the victims of September 11 and their families, activists Luke Rudkowski and Sabrina Rivera of WeAreChange.org confronted Giuliani on his unfathomable disregard for human life-- and attempted to bring accountability and justice for his criminal neglect.

Giuliani fled the voices of the truth, as his photo-op had already passed. The presidential candidate, now campaigning on the myth of his heroism in the events of 9/11, quickly exited the area without once looking back.

His goons shoved Sabrina Rivera and tried to elbow her out of the way as a cracked voice scolded Giuliani for "throwing away" her family.

Rivera lost a family member and several other friends in the tragic events of September 11.

The New York Times commendably reported on the incident, giving coverage to all sides of the issue:

"Because of Giuliani we never had closure," Ms. Rivera said. "We never had closure because as soon as 9/11 happened he had all the remains shipped to Staten Island, in the dump, in the landfill. And we never had closure because of him."

The presence of Mr. Giuliani, who is running for the Republican Party's presidential nomination, had stirred debate from those not wanting to politicize these ceremonies, although the former mayor has attended 9/11 commemorations in Lower Manhattan all six years.


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