Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cartel Heads Greenspan and Welch Confronted Over Grossly Concentrated Power

Fmr Fed Chair quiet on private Fed and secret shareholders; Fmr GE CEO disconnected from motives of war-profiteering or the conflicts of a military-industrial complex reinforced by propaganda

Members of We Are Change confronted former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan for a second time as well as Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, about the very unbalanced axis of power ruling from behind the veil-- though the former heads were certainly in denial of that fact.

Greenspan had no comment about the secret shareholders of the Fed, which sources show include the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, nor its history of abuses (including its role in causing the Great Depression). Perhaps he has been shamed to silence when faced with members of the public ever since members of We Are Change "thanked" him for destroying the dollar a few months ago.

Yet, there is no denying that the bank that admittedly serves the private shareholders and not the U.S. people wields unruly power. The central bank is deeply integrated into the global financial architecture-- which We Are Change's Tom Foti brings up in terms of the Swiss Bank of International Settlements-- and is undoubtedly manipulated at will (through control of money supply, interest rates and other critical variables) by the elite bankers and those who serve their agenda.

Similarly, behind General Electric sits enormously concentrated power. Ever since Bill Clinton passed the 1996 Telecommunications Act (enabling drastic consolidation), four media companies have owned and controlled nearly all of telecom. The fact that GE controls slices of the military-industrial complex and the media only makes the reinforcement of establishment values painfully obvious.

Yet, Welch, who was gracious enough to talk with reporters, denied that such an obvious conflict of interest existed. He seemed shocked, in fact, at the idea and vehemently shook his head, "No, no, no, no." He tried to explain that "defense is a very small piece of cheese," while putting forward that "NBC absolutely wants peace."

That 'small piece of cheese' equates to an estimated $2.2 billion in military contracts (2005), as GE has seen a sharp increase in business since the 'War on Terror' began. General Electric is one of the top producers of jet engines, and supplies Boeing and Lockheed Martin, amongst others.

Welch was totally astounded at the fact that NBC, along with the rest of the MSM, have blacked out coverage of WTC 7's unexplainable collapse and refuse to cover the implications that the demolition apparent presents for 9/11 truth. As 9/11 was the pretext for a 'never ending war,' the relationship between a complicit media and interest in war profits is fairly obvious.

However, Jack Welch himself retired a curious four days before 9/11 and was no more connected to the attacks than Greenspan. He denied any knowledge of 'put options' prior to September 11, and rightly so, as there is no evidence (that has ever presented itself) to indicate that Welch had any prior knowledge or direct connections to the events.

But the point is that he had a very strange sense of disconnect from the mere idea that such behind the scenes manipulation and cooperation occurs at all-- that conflicts of interest and misconduct would even take place. Perhaps that is one good reason against such concentration of ownership-- its manager may well be unaware of the ill his firm is doing simply due to the vast size of the organization and the extensive and varied operations it undertakes.

Yet, Welch is undoubtedly a knowing member of the establishment of power-- while he may or may not be in tune with the aims of the machine, there is no doubting his awareness of his firm's importance within that machine.

Jack Welch is well-known as a vocal defender of skyrocketing CEO compensation and believes people should stop complaining about the vast disparity between the salaries of the establishment's controllers and the rest of the world.

Also, it is interesting but intangible to note that Jack Welch has defined himself in recent years as a crisis manager with clearly laid out methods -- and an optimist who 'goes from the gut.' His OpEd piece 'The Five Stages of Crisis Management - Why Katrina will make us stronger.' clearly demonstrates that:

"One of the marks of good leadership is the ability to dispense with denial quickly and face into hard stuff with eyes open and fists raised. With particularly bad crises facing them, good leaders also define reality, set direction and inspire people to move forward. Just think of Giuliani after 9/11 or Churchill during World War II. Denial doesn't exactly come to mind--a forthright, calm, fierce boldness does."

(Here he compares leadership within a company and a country) "Companies typically go to extremes after a crisis. They throw up fortresses of rules, controls and procedures to fix what went wrong in the first place. In that way, they build a kind of immunity to the sickness that felled them."

The New York Times labeled George W. Bush's bold leadership after 9/11 as 'The Jack Welch War Plan' in an article from September 2002, stating that Bush "has always run the White House by the cardinal rules in their [CEOs Welch and Ken Lay] playbook... whether it is managing our money or managing a war."

"Now that we know that this model was a sham, with even Mr. Welch's General Electric under scrutiny for fiscal sleight of hand, you would think the Bush administration might revisit it. But instead it is following a discredited modus operandi more slavishly than ever, even as it prepares to fight a new war. ''There is a fine line between arrogance and self-confidence,'' said Mr. Welch in ''Jack: Straight From the Gut,'' his Bushian-titled memoir. ''Arrogance is a killer.'' Mr. Bush and the C.E.O.'s around him seem as oblivious to this maxim as the C.E.O. who coined it."

"But this administration no longer cooks the books merely on fiscal matters. Disinformation has become ubiquitous... It's when such dishonesty extends to the war on terrorism, though, that you appreciate just how much a killer arrogance can be. Even with little White House cooperation in its inquiry, this month's Congressional intelligence hearings presented a chilling portrait of the administration's efforts to cover up its pre-9/11 lassitude about terrorist threats."

The Times is right to use the word "oblivious"-- it aptly reflects the same attitude Mr. Welch demonstrated about the idea of "conflict of interests"-- as though the concept was completely abstract and bore no relationship to business as usual in the real world.

While there is certainly no reason to believe Jack Welch had prior knowledge of 9/11, it is fitting that a man who The Times suggests may have inspired the tone of leadership, character and conduct in the 'War on Terror' also raised up the monstrous conglomerate that GE became under his lead.

His firm all too well fits into Bush's war-- as it manufactures both the arms and propaganda of warfare-- and certainly stands to profit from a state of war meant to go on without end.

Greenspan, a former vocal critic of the Federal Reserve, similarly had no illusions about what machine he was serving. But time wore off his idealism and he later embraced the false agenda he had hated-- he boldly donned the titular power over the Fed and pushed his owner's agenda forward.

The era since 9/11 has been one of a rashly dishonest leadership-- one which is certainly bold yet filled with denial-- which acts to bleed out the last vestiges of freedom and allow society's controllers to seize upon its holdings: the people and property of the U.S.


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