Tuesday, December 18, 2007

SS Agents Confront We Are Change Activist after Clinton Confrontation

We Are Change Philly is reporting today that Temple University student Nick Carangi, founder of Philly911Truth, was visited by the Secret Service after he confronted the Bilderberg selected president, Bill Clinton, at a Hillary fund raiser. "Two agents questioned Nick about the confrontation and his participation at the Drexel Debate. They asked him if he would use violence" to defend the Constitution, according to the main We Are Change website. Carangi responded by stating that he never considered using violence.

SS agents Charles Holiday and Timothy O'Conner grilled "Nick on his recent activities," including videos he has produced and "implied that his future professional career could be effected as his mother listened in disbelief in the same room." Of course, confronting activists in a family setting is a common enough intimidation tactic used for decades by the Secret Service, the FBI, and local police in order to chill free speech and squash political activism.

On the Alex Jones radio show this afternoon, Carangi described how the SS visited him at his mother's home after he shook hands with Clinton and asked the former president about his Bilderberg and New World Order connections. "How dare you," Carangi had mocked Clinton, a reference to Clinton's response to a previous demand at a public appearance by We Are Change that the events of September 11, 2001, be investigated.

In addition to attempting to embarrass activists before family members and threaten to destroy their careers, COINTELPRO tactics directed against "domestic enemies" have ranged from the "trivial to the life endangering," including the promotion of "factionalization within groups and between groups," the "dissemination of propaganda," the use of "federal, state, and local agencies in selective law enforcement" and "other use (and abuse) of government processes," the dissemination of "derogatory information to family, friends, and associates; contacting employers," as in the case of Nick Carangi. According to the final report issued by the Church Committee in 1976, this latter technique is particularly effective and "distressing."

"Nick, a senior sociology major, was left feeling bewildered that exercising his constitutional rights could warrant this type of treatment," We Are Change concludes. "What constitutes a threat to a former president? Questions about Bilderberger involvement evidently."

Indeed, simply asking questions outside of the narrow, politically correct parameters established by our rulers is considered treason, as Mr. Carangi discovered. In the days ahead, as more people wake up and begin ask questions of their appointed rulers and their selected minions such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, we should expect more such intimidation techniques to be employed.



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