Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ending the IRS: Mike Huckabee vs. Ron Paul

If you can't beat him, join him? In fair and balanced polls, no other candidate touches Ron Paul's support. So rather than debate Ron Paul on the issues, they're resorting to copy cat tactics. Mike Huckabee has adopted one of Ron Paul's issues and is promising the people he has the answer. Replace income tax with... more taxes.

Here's a shining example of the scams establishment backed candidates use to gain your trust. The fact is, the IRS cannot be removed without detaching the blood sucking leach from our country - the Federal Reserve (which is a private bank). That is the key to unlocking his lie. There is NO NEED for a private central bank in America to print OUR money, that's OUR government's job (which can be done interest free mind you).

So why doesn't Huckabee talk about removing the Federal Reserve? The answer is oh so simple... He has no intention on removing the IRS, its simply a lie to get your vote! They think if they keep Ron Paul out of the national spot light, voters will choose a candidate who has similar values as Paul.

They're betting voters will turn on Ron Paul since he is 'supposedly' not doing well in national polls (this is due to the fact the majority of the polls are fixed and exclude him). Huckabee is a huckster selling you a shoddy promise in order to steel votes from a truly great man - Ron Paul. Huckster knows the establishment has already chosen Hitlary, this can be proven through who the military industrial complex has backed (Hitlary). They wouldn't back a dead horse, there's too much future profit at stake (War with Iran).

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