Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ron Paul Smashes Record With $6 Million Plus Haul

Expect hit pieces to go into overdrive as media tries to spin momentous day

Ron Paul has smashed the all-time record for political donations on one day, beating John Kerry's previous effort as he hauled in over $6 million dollars during a 24-hour period that coincided with the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. The true figure could even tally up to near $7 million once all donations have been fully processed.

As of 12 Midnight EST, Paul campaign headquarters confirmed the total to be over $6 million while others had the figure at around $6.4 million. That total just represents processed credit card donations. The final total is likely to be closer to $7 million once checks, Paypal e-checks, and money orders are fully processed.

At 6am CST, several news agencies such as Reuters were still reporting that Paul had raised just $4.5 million, which is a little odd considering the fact that writers are employed around the clock.

Paul campaign spokesman Jesse Benton confirmed that the average donation was around $50 dollars. Over 107,000 individual donors contributed to the sum of almost $18 million for the quarter and counting.

The Congressman is on course to quadruple his fundraising in comparison to the $5.1 million raised during the third quarter which itself was a doubling of the second quarter total.

We now expect the media spin machine to go into overdrive and hit pieces to swarm in the final week before Christmas.

An early CNN report on the record breaking fundraiser still sardonically refers to Paul as a "long shot" and fails to underline the true significance of yesterday's watershed and history making events.


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