Friday, November 9, 2007

Bill O’Reilly’s Real Target is the 9/11 Truth Movement...

...Not the Foundation Funded "Loon Left"

Once again demonstrating his political stultification, Fox News "commentator" Bill O'Reilly declares "the far left is totally out of control in this country, and a smart Republican candidate will tie those loons around the necks of Hillary or Barack Obama. Few Americans want to see Rosie O'Donnell and George Soros spending the night in the Lincoln bedroom. Separately, of course."

In Billzarro world, the "far left" consists of not only Rosie O'Donnell and, but the truth and patriot movements. As for the inclusion of George Soros in the so-called "loon left," this is so counterfactual as to be a bad joke. Is Bill unaware of the fact Soros created the European Council on Foreign Relations, a counterpart of the American Council on Foreign Relations with "far left loons" such as Dominique Strauss-Kahn, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, and various former European prime ministers and EU luminaries in attendance? Either Bill has gone off his medication or he is simply a shill casting about with diversionary tactics, a not difficult task as the vast majority of his dwindling audience consists of geriatrics with dead batteries in their hearing aids. I jest, but only slightly.

Moreover, Soros has a stake in the Carlyle Group, along with James Baker and George Bush Senior, hardly loons from the left. Soros has also attended the less than loonish left Bilderberg Conference, a fact documented by the Toronto Sun.

Bill attempted to take Medea Benjamin, founder of Code Pink, to task, declaring "it's getting dangerous when a person gets that close to secretary Rice with mock blood on her," a reference to Desiree Anita Ali-Fairooz's antiwar theatrics during a House Foreign Affairs Committee meeting on October 24. Benjamin was arrested for holding up a peace sign, an act O'Reilly believes to be dangerous "and will lead the violence if not checked," an absurd insinuation, but one that fits right into the dog and pony show proffered by the corporate media.

In fact, Billzilla knows perfectly well Medea Benjamin and Code Pink are no threat to the established order, a fact that should be obvious when Code Pink's finances are examined—the group is supported by the Winston Foundation, an organization linked to the National Endowment for Democracy, a documented CIA front, and connected as well to the Rockefeller Family Fund, the Carnegie Corporation, the Heinz Family Foundation, and the Soros Foundations (see the Zmag wiki entry for the Winston Foundation for World Peace).

"Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin, a director for Global Exchange, says they are paying a bargain $400 a month for a cubicle office at 15th and H streets in the District. More space for Code Pink is on loan from two organizations down the hall, the National Organization for Women and the Institute for Policy Studies," Julia Duin wrote for the Washington Times on April 3, 2003. At the time, the Institute for Policy Studies was receiving $2.2 million from the Turner, Ford, MacArthur and Charles Stewart Mott foundations.

No, the threat, as perceived by Bill and his global elite handlers, does not emanate from Code Pink or, the latter funded by the Iraq Peace Fund, an effort of the Tides Foundation, a "progressive" organization that has received more than $36,000,000 from the Ford Foundation since 1989. It is nothing short of laughable to think Susan Berresford, Ford Foundation president and CFR and Trilateral Commission member, is a leftist "loon" straight out of the closet.

O'Reilly's designated threat is the 9/11 truth movement, not George Soros, the Quantum Fund pirate ba-zillionaire. In particular, Bill O has it out for Mark Cuban, the billionaire who financed the 9/11 documentary Loose Change.

Last week, from the Factor on-high, O'Reilly threatened Cuban, growling "this is a warning to Mark Cuban, who is distributing that film in a few weeks… this is a warning to you Bud, okay, you pull that movie or I'm gonna be your worst nightmare, because this is gonna lead to death," although Bill did not specify who might die.

"Billionaire Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks who is set to finance a cinema release of Loose Change narrated by Charlie Sheen, exposed Bill O'Reilly's rampant hypocrisy concerning his coverage of the 9/11 truth movement on the Fox News host's radio show," Paul Joseph Watson wrote last March. "O'Reilly admits right off the bat that he has not even seen Loose Change, following in the trend of his fellow debunkers who have already arrived at a judgment without even checking the evidence." During the interview, Bill made the "argument that Loose Change should be banned just as some books should be banned."

Repeating his mafia-like warning of "I'm looking out for him (Sheen) and I'm looking out for you too," O'Reilly concludes the interview by urging Cuban to rethink the project, stating "there's a lot of pain involved in this kind of a situation." With rhetoric like this, O'Reilly wouldn't have looked out of place had he been born into the Genovese Cosa Nostra family.

In response to Mark Cuban's financial interest in Loose Change, neocon radio talk show host Michael Reagan said "the left is going to go nuts" over the film and "the jihadists and those in other parts of the world are going to use it and also point to Mark Cuban and say look and see what happened, the Americans did it themselves, we didn't do anything, blame the Jews, blame America."

In other words, the film will be used as "jihadist" propaganda and must, according to Bill O'Reilly, be banned like books authored by the likes of Heinrich Heine, Thomas Mann, Karl Marx, Erich Maria Remarque, and others, not only banned in Germany but burned on the Opernplatz in Berlin in 1933 because they did not correspond with Nazi ideology.

Loose Change, of course, does not correspond with the current fascist ideology, that is to say neocon-neolib ideology, and must be banned as dangerous. Neocons, like their Nazi predecessors, will not tolerate dissenting points of view. If the 9/11 truth movement insists on telling the truth, as O'Reilly has ominously warned, "somebody's gonna get hurt," and it won't be Code Pink activists, funded by the Ford Foundation.


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