Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ron Paul Wins Republican Party Straw Poll in Fresno

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA--- Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul won yesterday's straw poll at the Salute to Republican Leaders fundraiser hosted by the Fresno County Republican Party. Congressman Paul won with 35 percent, beating Rudy Giuliani, who garnered 33 percent of the vote. This win attests to the strength of the Paul campaign in California.

There are over 140 registered Ron Paul volunteers in Fresno among thousands of registered volunteers throughout the Golden State. "Across California, the Paul campaign is energizing new voters to register Republican and is re-registering disaffected Republicans who are excited about Ron Paul's candidacy and his support of traditional Republican principles," said Jeff Greenspan, Ron Paul's regional coordinator.

In his address to the Fresno County Republican Party, Greenspan said, "We are pleased to support Republican party ideals in California, the Republican party of Fresno County, and the party of Ronald Reagan." The Ron Paul campaign was one of two major sponsors of the event.

Of 41 recent straw polls across the U.S., Ron Paul has won 21, with numerous second and third place finishes.



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