Friday, November 9, 2007

Ron Paul On Course To Raise Millions In One Day

Presidential candidate Ron Paul is set to raise millions of dollars today via an unaffiliated online grassroots donation drive which has already seen 18,000 people commit to giving the Paul campaign at least $100.

At around 9.30 AM EST today donations to Ron Paul's campaign surpassed $1 million for the day and have continued to rocket toward the $2 million mark throughout the morning.

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Visit for more detailed figures and regular updates throughout the day.

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The cash infusion sends Dr. Paul's total to around 4.5 million for the quarter so far, with projected quarterly figures estimated at over 7.5 million with 56 days to go.

Paul's campaign raised over 5 million in the third quarter and had over 5 million cash on hand at the start of this quarter, figures that initially baffled those in the mainstream media who completely underestimated the reach and power Ron Paul's campaign of freedom and limited government.

The concept for the November 5th "money bomb" originates from the movie V For Vendetta, the 2005 cult dystopian hit which grasped the imaginations of many with its extreme relevance to modern day politics in America. It was organised in large part through a specially constructed website at

Another donation day is scheduled for Veterans Day, this Sunday, November 11.

Though the donation drive shows unprecedented grassroots organisation in action, the mainstream media, true to form, has so far opted not to report on its amazing success.

The meteoric success of Ron Paul's campaign thus far is also reflected in figures we highlighted this weekend, revealing the websites of all the other presidential candidates to be flat and floundering, attracting no new visitors whatsoever. In contrast has seen an 80+% rise in viewings over the past three months.

Once again we urge our American readers to engage in this historic show of activism by visiting and donating whatever you can afford.


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