Saturday, November 17, 2007

Glenn Beck Enlists Former Marxist David Horowitz to Go After Ron Paul

From the LRC Blog:

So David Horowitz, who was a communist for the first 50 years of his life, and who did all that he could do to support the North Vietnamese communists during the Vietnam War as a "celebrated" 60s leftist rabble rouser, is attacking Ron Paul and on the show hosted by that wimpering little jerk, Glen Beck. Well, he hasn't changed much after all, has he?

No one in American politics is a bigger champion of limited constitutional government than Ron Paul is. By smearing Ron Paul and his supporters, Horowitz is STILL attacking the American ideal of limited constitutional government, just as he did for most of his adult life as an admitted communist. As many others have said before, it really wasn't much of a leap at all for all those former Trotskyites and other assorted commies like Horowitz to become "neoconservatives."

It enrages the neocons that Ron Paul is siphoning off conservatives who have finally come to their senses after nearly eight years of Bush and the pathological liars and serial warmongers in his administration.

David Horowitz, a former Marxist who decided more money can be made off neocons, is livid over the mere existence of Ron Paul. So I guess he went on Beck's show—I cannot confirm, as I do not watch television or do I allow the poison signal in my house—and it appears Horowitz, who is funded by documented CIA operative Richard Mellon Scaife, talked some trash about Paul. Neocons hate and fear Paul like vampires hate sunlight because if elected he will put an end to their murderous campaign to reduce Arab and Muslim countries to paleolithic condition, as promised.

"For whatever reason—perhaps out of fear or power lust—neocons have abandoned conservative skepticism of government in favor of a blind ideology of American exceptionalism," writes Eric Phillips. "Beck, Hannity, and Giuliani have jumped on Dr. Paul relentlessly because they are beginning to realize that many conservative voters are dissatisfied with the spendthrift, Wilsonian mainstream of the Republican Party. As the base shrinks and moderates start voting Democratic, they know and fear that true conservatives who believe in the ideals of the Old Right might wake up from their post-9/11 slumber and leave the neocons as well. In their attempt to hold their floundering movement together, they have resorted to shouting down and ostracizing the "crazed dope" Ron Paul, hoping to push him "way out" of the presidential race. Dr. Paul and his supporters must be doing something right to raise such fear and ire from the neocons; let us keep it up."

It really stinks of desperation when they recruit former Marxists to do their bidding.




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