Thursday, November 1, 2007

Frank Zappa On Music Box (1984)

In this interview, Zappa talks about AIDS, the military-industrial complex, genetic warfare, tribalism, and the commercialized music industry.


How would Frank know about bio weapons?

During Zappa's childhood, the family often moved because his father, a chemist and mathematician, had various jobs in the US defense industry. After a brief period in Florida in the mid-1940s, the family returned to Edgewood, Maryland where Zappa's father got a job at the Edgewood Arsenal chemical warfare facility at nearby Aberdeen Proving Ground. Due to the home's proximity to the Arsenal which stored mustard gas, Zappa's father kept gas masks on hand in case of an accident. This had a profound effect on the young Zappa: references to germs, germ warfare and other aspects of the defense industry occur throughout his work.


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