Friday, November 9, 2007

Ron Paul Veterans Day Donation Website Nearing 1500

With 1430 pledges as of early morning November 9, the Veterans Day fund-raiser for Ron Paul continues to attract support. This does not count what may be donated by "lurkers" who are not signing up but will contribute on the 11th anyway. It is possible, therefore, that the November 11th donations, along with other Ron Paul support and "money bombs" will shortly help put Ron Paul "over the top" to $8 million for the quarter.

The Veterans Day money bomb is a statement in support of Ron Paul who is not in favor of foreign interventions, but does favor a strong, national defense and it is likely that many donors are in the military as well.

The November 11th money bomb makes the point that supporters of Presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-Tex) are patriotic Americans, and re-emphasizes the support he has within the armed services. More in the military have reportedly given to Ron Paul than any other candidate.



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