Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Swaggering, Whacko, Neocon Nitwits Who Attack Ron Paul

This article attacking Ron Paul is perhaps one of the sickest items I have seen yet coming from the Establishment slaves over at The Weekly Stupid. Of course, Ron Paul *said* he didn't raise the money, and he clearly gave credit to the amazing organizational power of the Internet, along with citing the passion that people have for freedom (imagine that!).

Note that the term "people power," as used by Barnett, is meant to convey that anyone who doesn't want to be owned, controlled, directed, and tyrannized by the establishment and its assorted totalitarians is some kind of an outlier "nut." These controlling tyrant-lunatics really believe that a corrupt and controlled two-party system, wherein human individuals have no freedom to shape their own destiny, is the only legitimate path to political office. The peaceful and voluntary organization of individuals through "alternative" means (meaning non-political and non-partisan) just pisses off these establishment hacks to no end. The Ron Paul campaign is made up of Six-Pack Joe, Grandma, the hopeful College Graduate, and other assorted "peons" voluntarily and peacefully organizing via the glorious technology available to them. The Establishment misanthropes - mostly a bunch of fat, old, white men - are shaking in their dung-filled boots wondering how the heck they can contain and control this new approach to grassroots organization. People who don't want to be looted and lorded over by the current crop of self-styled and elected elites are "lunatics." Apparently, no further examination is necessary to back that comment. What a telling tale about the contempt these elitists douchebags have for people who reject their self-imposed rules and dictatorial power grabs.

Oh how these elitist bozos yearn for the day when we all sit home and get our only political information from either the network news and establishment papers, or, we'd have to spend hours or days in a library digging through years of microfilm in order to know anything different. The Ron Paul campaign defies the old order of surefire serfdom and instead brings forth hope for a society where people who are not empowered by government can organize and establish a bonafide resistance movement with wicked potential for a sea change within the political environment. No wonder why they - the neocons-in-power - hate us.



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