Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ron Paul Winning Strategy Based on Three Strategic Pillars

The success of the campaign of presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-Tex) is based on numerous strong political and philosophical pillars. But three important strategic ones have emerged recently.

First, there is the "(Governor Mike) Huckabee factor," and the resultant diminishment of support for GOP front-runner Mitt Romney. Second, there is the Internet and the support it is providing via young people exposed to Ron Paul and enthused by his message. Third are many, upcoming "open primaries" and the possibilities of wooing independent voters to support Ron Paul.

Of course these three factors exist extant of the increasingly powerful free-market, small government message of Ron Paul – and would not come into play without its remarkable success – and the money it is raising for the Jeffersonian conservative candidate. But given the attractiveness of the Ron Paul's small government philosophy, these factors are increasingly relevant, sources close to the campaign say.

Huckabee's Rise: Former Arkansas GOP Governor Mike Huckabee continues to make progress in the polls, so much so that he might take votes away from Mitt Romney in upcoming primaries - to Ron Paul's benefit. This is because the big-government, pro-war, high-tax approach of Huckabee is nearly identical to Romney. Those apt to vote for such a platform may well split their votes between Romney and Huckabee, leaving small-government candidate Ron Paul with the balance.

The Internet and Young Voters: Another advantage operating for Ron Paul: Youngsters who receive most of their information from the Internet are increasingly being motivated to campaign for Ron Paul – whose message is distinctly different from the rest of the big-government GOP candidates. These youngsters often have an impact on their siblings and even their parents.

Open Primaries: Finally, there is the factor of "open" primaries themselves and the possibilities for Independents and even Democrats to vote for Ron Paul. There are are perhaps 15 of these open primaries in the early going. If Ron Paul does well in Iowa and New Hampshire, he could head into Super Tuesday with a good deal of momentum.



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